Components of the Constitution

Confederate & U.S.

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The U.S. Constitutution ~ September 17, 1787

The Preamble ~ The preamble is a very short part of the Constitution, as it is actually a
single sentence, and therefore, does not make up any significant part of the
Constitution in terms of length. The importance of the Preamble lies in the precedent the Preamble establishes for the rest of the Constitution.

The Articles ~ The United States Constitution is divided into seven Articles

that comprise the original legislation as it was drafted by the Founding
Fathers in 1787 at the Constitutional Convention. The Articles of the
Constitution provide for the architecture that comprises the United States supreme law. For example, Articles 1-3 set up the three branches of the United States Federal Government. Today there are a total of 27 amendments, 1-10 being the Bill of Rights.

Who made the U.S. Constitution Happen? These are just a few of them...

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The Confederate Constitution ~ March 11, 1861

In February of 1861 six states seceded from the United States of America and declared themselves independent. They formed a new, rival country known as the Confederate States of America. In the months that followed, seven more American states followed suit, slicing the former United States into two clearly-divded rival factions.

People Involved.... These are a just a few of the men, out of the 43 that signed.

What's the difference between the two?

  • The Confederate Constitution resembled the Constitution of the United States, even repeating much of its language, but was actually more comparable to the Articles of Confederation in its delegation of extensive powers to the states.

  • The Confederate Constitution is also different in its protection of slavery, which was “recognized and protected” in slave states and territories.

  • Although Britain and France both briefly considered entering the Civil War on the side of the South, which survived until April 1865, they never won foreign recognition as an independent government.