Gloves with love

Hats from the heart

caring about chldren

You should care about children. You should donate gloves for the children

goal Dec 15 2014

Our goal is to donate and collect 1,000 hats and gloves.and persuade others to donate hats and gloves.

why are we doing this

We are doing this because it is important to wear hats and gloves and also you don`t get frostbite.

Why it is importing to wear gloves

  1. Gloves can keep your hands warm
  2. Prevents you from getting frostbite
  3. prevents your hands from claclungand

Why it is import to wear hats

  1. Prevents ears not to get frostbite
  2. Hats can trap the heat from your head
  3. A ear is the first body part that gets cold

Teacher contact info:Brookview Elmetry

Melinda Pinner 317-532-3069 3rd grade

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