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21st Century Cyber Charter School Newsletter: January 2020

A Note From Our Principals

Hello students and families of 21st Century Cyber Charter School welcome back and welcome to the new year of 2020!

We hope you had a marvelous holiday season filled with family, friends and happiness! With the new year, we are excited to have a new start for all of our students within their classes as well! To our students: please continue submitting work to reach your goals in Quarter 2. As a reminder Q2 ends at 3:30PM on January 15th. Moodle will open for Quarter 3 at 7:30AM on Tuesday, January 21st. As a school, 21CCCS will jump right in and get started on Quarter 3! -Let’s focus on what’s to come, not what was in the past!

With January already here, there will be more school events and activities coming up. Please make sure to view the calendar on the school website often and to keep checking our social media pages to keep up to date. Check out Moodle for information on how to RSVP to join in on the festivities!

And of course, to continue to make the 2019-2020 your best school year yet, keep these ‘New Year’s resolutions’ in mind for success:

  1. Face forward - let’s look at the current year and current assignments. Don’t let yourself become frustrated or upset by what ‘might have been’ in the time past!

  2. Work towards your goals like “receive grades a letter higher than last quarter”, “start this quarter fresh”, “turn in more assignments than ever before”.

  3. Be involved and stay involved! - be involved in your live classes, your clubs, field trips and outings. You could make the friend of a lifetime, have a connection with your teacher(s) and make incredible memories by coming to school events!.

  4. Keep your eye on the goal of finishing out this school year strong! Now is the best time to put your best foot forward!

Let’s all charge forward into 2020 together and finish out this school year stronger than ever!


Did you know you can add audio recordings to your Pages, Numbers and Keynote files with a simple tap? Audio recordings are a great feature to use because you can practice your speaking skills and show what you know in a fun and different way! In any of these three apps on your iPad, simply tap the plus sign in the top right and choose 'record audio.' You can preview and edit your response before you add it to your file. Which assignment could you use this for next?

Moodle Updates from our ISD Department

Hello Parents,

Have you ever looked at your child's Moodle logs? The logs record each click that has been made in Moodle. You can find logs by clicking on your child's portrait in the Parent Portal and then by clicking either "Today's Logs" or "All Logs" (you can optionally first select a course name before clicking on the logs).

On the logs page, you can see a graph of "hits" -- each "hit" on that graph refers to a log entry that was made for each "mouse click" your child has made in that Moodle class. This graph represents when in the day that log entries are being recorded in Moodle. Keep in mind: The hours listed along the bottom of the graph appear in Military time, whereas, the hours listed in the log entries below the graph will appear in Standard time.

What if you don't see any logs for a particular hour? Does that mean your child is not working?

If no hits (mouse clicks) appear in the Moodle logs during a particular timeframe in which your child was working, your child may have been completing work outside of Moodle. Working outside of Moodle could look like the following:

  • reading a lesson inside of Moodle (a student could spend 30 minutes reading / scrolling through / interacting with a lesson, but unless any clicking is taking place to move from one page to another, the Moodle logs won't be able to track what happens on a static page)
  • working on an assignment in a Google Doc (in which case, the internet logs/browser history may be helpful to review for that timeframe)
  • working in non-web based applications, such as Microsoft Word
  • completing an activity on the iPad
  • completing a web-based activity outside of Moodle (in which case, the internet logs/browser history may be helpful to review for that timeframe)

Should you ever have any questions or concerns regarding logs, please reach out to your child's Academic Advisor.

Counselor's Corner

December has come and gone, much like our holiday meals, and now we’re onto 2020. There’s so much we feel like we need to do such as start Semester 2 off strong, take a step towards our New Year’s resolutions, or finally begin a daily flossing routine; but in this time of goal-setting and work, do not forget what already makes you special.

We always worry about what we are not, or what we do not have, so we rarely ever take the time to think positively about ourselves. Just like every snowflake in that January storm is unique, so too are we different in many ways. And these differences are amazing although we may not always see it that way.

I ask that next time it snows, you think of what makes you special and have yourself a smile. Or recall some of the hilarious or awesome things that make our Counselors unique down below:

Ms. Cooke – “I can name all of the prepositions because of a song I learned in 5th grade.”

Mrs. Faust – “I jumped off a cliff in Hawaii!!!”

Mr. G – “I once had a dream so real that for years I was convinced I had gone to Rhode Island and met Michael Jordan. I had not.”

Mrs. McCoy – “In middle school I was the top female skier in New Hampshire.”

Mrs. Moynihan – “I high-fived 4 members of the band Coldplay!”

Notes from the Nurse's Nook

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Have you moved?

Have you moved recently? Changed your phone number or email address? Please make sure to let us know your most current contact information. Email our enrollment department so that we can update your contact information

Upcoming Events

Adventure Club

Check out the Adventure club page on Moodle for more information on our trips.
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Field Trips

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21CCCS Community Feedback Forums

The Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Brian Cote, will be holding a monthly 21CCCS Community Feedback Forum for both parents and students. This will be an opportunity to get to know Brian, and learn about the process of the school’s curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Parents and students are encouraged to share information on things that have been going well for our school, as well as ideas/suggestions to move our school forward. This forum will not be a question/answer session. If parents or students have questions during the forum, our staff will work to respond to those questions in our monthly Flex Gazette.
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Past Events

Parades and the Cyber School Express float

21CCCS enjoyed participating in the Downingtown Christmas Parade for the second year in a row and were excited to join the lineup for the first time in the West Chester Christmas Parade. The Cyber School Express, directed by the Grinch, made its way through both towns leading the way into the holiday season. Thanks so all who helped and participated!

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