Is there a cure?


Alzheimers is a serious disease that most aged people get. They don't know how it is caused, but it’s common. Currently there is no cure for it, but there could be a way to prevent it or slow it down(preventing Alzheimer's Disease). There's also two types of treatments they now have that could help(Alzheimer's Disease). Alzheimer’s is hard to overcome but with the things they’ve found there could be a way to prevent it with tips and treatments.

There are many people looking to find a way to cure Alzheimers. But they do think there could be a way to slow it down so it’s not as sudden. They give people with Alzheimers tips to stay healthy as they grow older so that their brain is healthy. Physical exercise and not being around so much social engagement could also help. More exercise to the brain helps a lot so it stays active. To much social media could be a disadvantage because the brain gets tired faster and its not as healthy(Preventing Alzheimer Disease).

They’ve also found diagnostic tests that could help Alzheimers. Tests like, a clock drawing test, the mini-mental stage examination, and the Functional Assessment staging test. These test will explore what the brain can still do and what it remembers. Also the doctor will look at the medical and family history to see if anyone else has had Alzheimers before. The doctor will do physical tests and brain test to see how bad your disease is. He’ll also talk to the patient's friends and family members to see if they’ve been acting different and how severe it is(Alzheimers Disease).

Right now there is no way to 100% prevent Alzheimers, but there are many things you can do to try to prevent the disease. Though it may be a frustrating disease don't give up on it just yet. Soon enough someone will find a cure for this disease.

Personal Narrative

I woke up this morning not feeling myself. I was really confused and couldn't remember what had happened last night. I started forgetting where things where in my house and that has never happened in the last 15 years I've lived here. I called my husband Rick and told him what was happening to me. He thought that was very strange especially for me so he scheduled a doctors appointment.

Rick picked me up and we drove to the doctors office. I was scared, I had no idea what was wrong or happening to me. I sat down and the doctor came in and immediately started asking me questions. He told me he wanted to run some test because he thinks I could have Alzheimer's. As the test were happening so many things were going through my mind. How could I have Alzheimer's, I have the best memory anyone could have. I could actually forget my life and all the amazing memories I've had through out my life!? This can't be happening, not to me. Once the test were done we went back home and now we had to wait for the call. The call to see if I'd really had Alzheimer's.

It felt like years until the phone finally rang. I dashed over and picked it up. "Hello, Mrs.Kathy?" The doctor said. "Yes this is she." I replied in a nervous voice.

"Hi, this is Doctor Richard, the test came back and you do have Alzheimer's."

"Oh my, how bad is it?"

"We'll your having short term memory loss, which means your forgetting things that's happened to you in the last decade or two. But we do offer a lot of treatments and test for cases like these. If you do conceder them we will start Monday, have a nice day."

"Okay, bye"

As I hung up I broke into tears immediately. I was in such shock I could barley handle the thought of it. How could this be happening to me, why to me. Memories are the best thing that comes in life, I can't just lose all of that. I really hope these treatments and test actually can help me. I don't just wanna start forgetting valuable things that mean so much to me. Well I guess I start Monday, ha only I I remember.


Families in shock,

like they've just seen a ghost.


Memories gone as if the world had just been turned off.

No cure to heal,

scared as if they're in a haunted house.

The feeling like there's nothing you can do,

when you just want them to be set free.

I hear the voices of worried families,

not knowing what to do.

I see shock in their eyes,

as if they'd never thought this would happen.

Thinking of ways to help,

but there's not a way.

All you can do is hope.