Get inspired for next school year!

Need encouragement? Inspiration? Training? We got you!

A pep rally, a Bible study, and a college course all rolled into one!

Get ready for three days full of encouragement and training on how to guide our children to discover truth. This year we will focus on the topic of science and how God's beautiful creation points us back to Him and His love towards us. How can we instill this in our children? How can we encourage them to seek truth and not be caught up in the lies of science vs God?

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” Proverbs 25:2

Every summer, Classical Conversations hosts free three-day conferences to equip homeschoolers. We believe in parents. According to Scripture, education is the responsibility of the parent and family—not the state or the church. God established the state to administer justice and the body of Christ to spread the gospel. Classical Conversations, therefore, does not usurp the parent’s role. We assist the parents through encouragement, leadership, and training. We believe so strongly in encouraging and equipping parents that it is our desire to offer these free three-day trainings, called Parent Practicums, around the world all summer long for all parents, whether they are CCers or not! The real mission of Classical Conversations is to equip parents to be great educators at home. Therefore, we put a great deal of effort into parent training through parent conferences, daily articles, and online resources.

Need something for the kids? Be encouraged and equipped while your children learn at our affordable, educational and fun camps! Camps are available for ages 6 months up through 12 years old for parents attending the conference. The cost is only $42 for the entire three days...that's just $14 a day!

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July 15-17, Cutler Bay

Tutor-Training for Foundations

July 20-22, North Miami

Tutor-Training for Foundations and Essentials