TOHS Electives 2020-2021

Get out there and learn something new

There are just a few of the electives that are available to students. Be sure to read course registration materials for a full list.

Construction Technology

Did you know that TOHS has a Construction Technology program with two different tracks?

We have programs in Building & Construction along with Engineering and Architecture.

In the construction pathway, students explore design and construction principles through projects that expose them to; drafting, hand tools, power tools, machines and industry safety standards.

In the Architectural Design pathway, students explore the aspects of designing enclosed spaces through drafting and modeling projects. Attention is given to the elements of design, function, structure, materials and their relationship to the engineering of buildings.

The construction industry is one of the highest growth industry sectors in Ventura County. These skills are a great way to enter a profitable, rewarding and in demand career.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping us grow our program to meet the needs of our county, please contact Daniel Bell (805) 495-7491 ex 2022

Computer Science

​The digital world is constantly looking for people (especially females) with good coding skills and is willing to pay those people high salaries and lots of company perks. As an example, Google's starting salary for a software engineer is $80k-$150k per year. And the perks include: free food, free cooking classes, free gym, onsite massage therapists and medical staff and the list goes on. If you want to find out if coding is for you, then sign-up for Computer Programming 1. It is a year-long class that fulfills the UC-g requirement. If you already have some programming experience or are highly motivated, then you might consider signing up for AP Computer Science A. This is also a year-long class that prepares you for the AP exam and it fulfills the UC-C requirement. Come to room J-10 at lunch and find out more about these classes from Mrs. McNamara or email her at

Computer Graphics is a year-long elective that fulfills the UC-F requirement. In this class, you'll acquire Photoshop skills and create 2D projects like PSA and movie posters, an illustrated book, and a magazine cover. You'll also acquire 3D graphics skills using Blender which is one of the top computer graphics software packages used in the industry. You'll create amazing 3D renderings and animations that will wow your friends. Come to room J-10 at lunch and find out more from Mrs. McNamara or email her at

AP Psychology

AP Psychology: Are you interested in learning about how the brain works, the benefit of all the class work you’ve done over the years, the difference between stress and anxiety, or answers to any of the other questions you might have regarding the human experience? Whether you want to learn about the content or want to finally get that elusive score of a 5 on the AP test (we get more than anyone!), AP Psych is the place for you!

Beginning Metals

Beginning metals is an exploratory program covering the basic metal working processes of stretching and shrinking sheet metal, machine tool bench work, and foundry work such as casting single pattern molds, and finally Oxy/acetylene welding. This course will introduce students to the different uses and fabrication of metal, and the wide variety of tools used. The basic experiences covered are in the use of safety, hand tools, power tools and industrial procedures.

There are no prerequisites required for this introductory course. However, in order to enter and complete beginning metals, the student must have the ability to follow written and verbal instructions. A fee will be collected if students want to take projects home.

Spanish for Spanish Speakers

¿Hablas español hasta que te toca decir una palabra that you don’t know how to say in Spanish?

Do you wonder why some words in Spanish have accents and some don’t? Do you want to earn the Seal of Biliteracy from the State of California?

These are the classes for you!

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1CP

For students who have NOT studied the Spanish language as an academic subject. In this class, students will enhance vocabulary as well as reading and writing skills. This class is taught primarily in Spanish and students are to use Spanish as their only means of communication.

For the best placement, advising is suggested. Please contact Ms. Martínez at


Interested in improving your verbal communication skills? Want to be able to communicate with others when traveling? Learn French! The class is fun, incredibly useful, and not as difficult as you might think. (ask others who are taking it!). The French program covers levels 1, 2, 3, and AP.


Want to gain a unique skill? Be able to communicate with over 1 billion people? Learn Chinese! The class is fun, interesting, and not as hard as you might think. (Just ask your friends who are taking it!) Our program covers levels 1, 2, 3 and AP.


Hola! Want to be a bilingual global citizen and communicate with people within the US and more than 20 other countries? Start with Spanish classes at TOHS! We offer Spanish 1CP, 2CP, 3CP, 4CP, AP, 5CP as well as Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1CP and 2CP. Earn you California State Seal of Biliteracy as well!


Facinated by Japanese culture? Want to try some thing new? Japanese is a great choice. Students find the class fun and rewarding.

American Sign Language


Interested in learning American Sign Language? Want to learn about Deaf Culture? Take ASL at TOHS! Our program offers levels 1,2, and 3. By the end of the 1st semester in level 1, you will be able to have a conversation and more! It’s easier than you think and so fun! ASL is the 3rd most used language in the United States and has many career opportunities! Join the ASL family!

Dual Enrollment Statistics

How would you like to earn 14 credits for a One-Semester class? Statistics, Moorpark College Math 15 earns you 10 TOHS credits and 4 College credits! Statistics (collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data) is not only a skill needed in most professions it is a course required for most college majors. You can get that requirement met or at a minimum be more prepared for a more advanced stats class your university may require. You can be successful in this class even if math is not you strongest subject. It just requires dedication and discipline. But remember it only lasts one semester!

Weight Training

Want to learn proper techniques in fitness and weight training? Meet fitness or strength goals while earning elective credits? Sign up for P.E. Weight Training! You will learn different techniques and workouts to utilize at home or in a gym. These are skills you will be able to utilize for a lifetime of healthy living.


When you join one or more of the choirs at Thousand Oaks High School, you become a part of an awesome group of people who love to sing and have fun. We believe in giving students as many opportunities to sing as possible, both with the choirs and as a soloist, and we strive together to be the best musicians and performers we can be. All choir members have the opportunity to participate in solo/small ensemble showcase, workshop, honor choir, and/or adjudicated festival experiences throughout the year. Our program offers something for everyone: one non – auditioned Mixed Choir (Level 1) and three auditioned choirs: Treble Choir (Level 2), Concert Choir (Level 3), and Vocal Ensemble Honors (Level 4).


Interested in Photography? Looking for a career path in Arts, Media, or Entertainment? Looking for a UC a-g approved elective where you can earn college credit at the same time?

Here are some course offerings that may meet your needs:

Photography 1/2 - Intro photography course

  • learn camera functions/operation
  • learn how to create amazing photographs
  • learn industry-standard editing software Adobe Photoshop and LightRoom
  • earn letter grade transferable college credit
  • UC a-g approved

Art of Comm Photo HONORS

  • learn and train to earn industry-standard Adobe Photoshop Certification
  • earn letter grade transferable college credit
  • UC a-g approved HONORS
  • second course in a three-course CTE pathway (complete all three courses to earn a cord at graduation)
  • build a portfolio

AP Photography (AP Art and Design)

  • Learn advanced photography skills/techniques
  • develop a portfolio
  • participate in competitions
  • develop your personal voice
  • earn AP college credit
  • UC a-g approved
  • third course in a three-course CTE pathway (complete all three courses to earn a cord at graduation)

ALL grades welcomed and encouraged to enroll.

For more info reach out to Ms. Ravitch at

Dance Classes

Big picture

AP Environmental Science

Your Environmental Pathway at TOHS

9th grade - Biology

10th grade - Chemistry or Environmental Earth Science

11th grade - AP Environmental Science

12th grade - Honors Environmental Field Studies

Why should you take AP Environmental Science?

  • It is an AWESOME class!!!
  • Hands-On Learning: This class has been designed to teach through hands-on labs and field trips.
  • Potential College Credit: You will have the opportunity to take the APES test. With a high enough test score you will likely receive college credit for this course.
  • Variety: intertwines all of the sciences into one.
  • Practical Applications: offers "down to Earth" ways to be more environmentally friendly and more sustainable with your lifestyle.
  • Career Opportunities: Environmental science is the foundation for tons of careers. Almost any career path you are thinking of going into can benefit from environmental science.
  • Less math than other classes ☺ - come take a math break
  • Try an AP - Never taken an AP class before? – this one is a great one to try out. Don’t let the “AP” scare you.
  • Guest Speakers
  • Butterfly’s - You get to raise Butterfly's!
  • Relevant Topics – applicable to everyday life
  • Learn about Sustainability

Topics Covered:

  • Environmental Problems & Causes
  • Sustainability
  • Ecosystems
  • Biodiversity
  • Human Population & Impact
  • Climate
  • Saving Species & Saving Ecosystems
  • Food Production & the Environment
  • Water Resources
  • Nonrenewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Environmental Hazards & Human Health
  • Air Pollution & Urbanization
  • Solid & Hazardous Waste
  • Economics, Politics, Worldviews, & Ethics
  • Current Events…

After you take APES you have the opportunity to then take Honors Environmental Field Studies during your senior year!

Honors Physiology

"Want to prepare yourself for the most rewarding and financially secure careers? Want to make a difference in the world?

Employment of healthcare occupations is projected to grow 14 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 1.9 million new jobs:

Physiology Honors is a college level course that engages you in an interesting and fun way and prepares you for college/university, premed, careers in health, medicine, research, genetics, kinesiology, sports, physiotherapy and many more..."

Physics and Astrophysics

AP and CP Physics: If you want a class that will impress colleges as well as teach you about the physical world, CP or AP Physics is the class to take. Learn about Electricity and Magnetism, Sound, Light, Collisions, Rotational Motion and Projectile Motion.

Astrophysics: Why is Pluto no longer a planet? What is a comet and is there a chance we could be hit by one? What happens to stars when they run out of hydrogen? What is a black hole? What would happen if you got too close to one? These are just a few of the fascinating questions that are answered in the Astrophysics course. Astrophysics is another class that will impress colleges! Better yet - take both Physics and Astrophysics!

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentoring Beginning (CP) - This is your chance to get involved at TOHS, make a difference on the campus and your future, as well as be part of our CTE Program.

Do you want to develop leadership skills? Create school activities? Reflect on your own wellness? Be a part of a caring group? Help others? The Peer Mentoring Beginning Class is for you! What are you waiting for? Go see Mrs. Cooper in E-7 and join Peer Mentoring TODAY! #EveryLancerEveryDay

Peer Mentoring Honors - Did you know the newest Honors class on campus will be your pathway to a more successful future? Peer Mentoring Advanced will build on your experiences in Peer Mentoring and take you a step further in your self-confidence, your leadership skills and your opportunities to make a difference on the TOHS Campus. Guest speakers from the community, field trips, and plus a whole lot more. Come to E-7 and see what all the talk is about!


AVID: Give students the answers, they get good grades; teach students to teach themselves, they have skills for a lifetime of success! AVID is an comprehensive college-readiness program that develops leadership, problem-solving, and social-emotional skills in determined students. This elective class is open to students in grades 9-12.

Educational Aide for Young Children

Interested in a Teaching career?

Love to work with young children?

Educational Aide for Young Children is a TOHS class that gets you in an elementary or preschool classroom for an hour and a half each day.

Assist the classroom teacher and provide extra support for students to maximize their learning each day.

10 credits per semester.

11th and 12th grade students are eligible.

Visit the Career Education office, room K2B, to get your questions answered.