InDesign Tutorial Presentation

Pick it. Do it. Show it.

What you'll be doing

For this project you will be finding an InDesign Tutorial of your choice, do the tutorial, then you are going to show the class your new learned skill by presenting it at the front!

Pick the Tutorial...

To find your tutorial, you will simply be searching the internet for an InDesign tutorial that looks interesting to you.

There are a few guidelines:
  • Find an InDesign tutorial that teaches you a specific task, (such as "how to create a text wrap" or "type on a curved path.")
  • Each class member must do a different tutorial.
  • To be sure that nobody else does the tutorial you choose, you MUST post the title with a link to the tutorial in Edmodo under the question, "What are you doing for your tutorial project?"

Where to find your tutorial:
There are many, many places on the web where you can find InDesign tutorials, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Do the Tutorial...

Once you have found the tutorial you wish to complete, actually follow and DO the tutorial in InDesgin!

Need images for your project?
Check the right side of Moodle titled "Free Image Resources." I particularly like the Morgue File, Flickr Blue Mountains, or Pics 4 Learning.
DO NOT just save some random images from Google or Pinterest--that is ILLEGAL!

Finished? Turn it in!
Once you have completed the tutorial, turn in a PDF copy of the document you completed your tutorial with in the designated turn in box in Moodle.

In Design Tutorial Worksheet

Once you have completed your In Design Tutorial, make sure you complete the InDesign Tutorial Worksheet listed in Moodle.

Show us the tutorial...

We will be presenting our tutorials to the rest of class beginning on December 7 for A-Day, and December 10 for B-Day.
Be prepared to show a demonstration of how to do the skill you learned!