Word Recognition

By: Arielle Sorrell

What is word recognition?

  • Recognizing words without conscious attention
  • Recognizing words without attending to every letter
  • Using parts of words to quickly identify new ones
  • Connecting unknown words to known words (analogies)
  • Connecting spelling with word meaning (homonyms, plurals, tenses, etc.)


Word recognition is a crucial piece of students' learning for them to grow and excel as proficient readers. This is an important step in being able to progress through just reading the text for its individual words and reading the text in its whole entirety. There are also four cueing systems that all correlate to word recognition. These include syntactic, semantic, pragmatic, and graphophonic.

The text states, "too often struggling readers have limited receptive and expressive oral vocabulary" (DeVrise, 2015). Most often these students are economically disadvantaged that have not had the same experiences as many other of their classmates (DeVrise, 2015).

For students to gain strength in this area one of the main focuses must be learning sight words and taking sentences in chunks (Devrise, 2015).


I liked this article because it included not only a description of word recognition, but it also included descriptions of the other parts of reading comprehension that feed into becoming a proficient reader. It also gave examples of different methods.

Assessment Tools

This article provided a couple different assessment methods, which I liked because it is important to gauge students progress to understand where they need more practice.

Word Recognition in Action

This video was very helpful because it showed a teacher practicing these strategies in her classroom. It is very intriguing to see these methods work and be used in a real setting that we can relate to.
Developing Fluency: Word Recognition

Word Recognition throughout reading

This website provided more of an in-depth description of how to carry out word recognition throughout the reading process and a checklist to monitor student progress.