Tech Theatre

Erin Folk

Set Design

Utilizing props to create a setting and theme for the production. This is very important in a play/musical. One must have the correct setting to be able to fully understand and connect with the story.

Elements and Principles of Design

Elements and principles that, (when used correctly), make something more visually appealing. Examples of elements are Line, Shape, and Color. Examples of principles are Pattern, Contrast, and Emphasis.

Lighting Design

Coordinating lighting cues to match the theme, setting, and mood of the production. Making sure the lighting matches these elements is very important in the production of a film. You cannot have dreary, dark, light for a happy and joyful scene.

Sound Design

Sound cues are just as important as lighting cues. The timing must be spot on to correlate with what is happening on stage. There are many ways to create sound, and many sound technicians utilize unconventional objects to make ordinary sounds such as rain, thunder, etc.

Makeup and Costume

Makeup and costume is perhaps the intriguing form of theatre. By creating the correct makeup and costume, a makeup artist/costume designer can transform a 20-year-old actress into an 80-year-old witch.