Wie würdest du dich beschreiben?

Kapitel 1: Tips for Sucess and Alternative Assignment

Try a Prezi alternative assignment

Instead of doing the Powerpoint presentation for this assignment, try doing it in a Prezi! It's fun and free! Check out Frau Frantzen's Prezi of her family! Make sure to include audio! If it is easier for you, complete the audio in one recording and submit the recording separately in the dropbox.


Describe a minimum of 4 persons in your family. For each person, include a physical and personality description for a total of 6 sentences. One sentence should include a possessive pronoun (mein, dein, sein, ihr, unser, euer). Make sure to include a description of yourself and use a minimum of 6 sentences to describe your physical characteristics and personality. Please try to utilize the vocabulary you have learned in this unit!

If you don't want to describe your family, try describing famous people in your favorite TV show, movie, or book!

To make your own Prezi, go to: http://prezi.com/

Office hours every Tuesday at 4 p.m.!

Click here to enter. We meet over Adobe Connect as a Live Session. Login as a guest, there is no password. Make sure that you have a microphone and speakers to participate! I prepare a lesson related to the unit as well. Here you can also ask any questions that you have. The first session will be a general welcome session about the class, bring your parents if you like! First session date is August 6th.


Don't forget that you can also include free time activites in your descriptions of people or family!

Worksheet assignments

Don't forget to complete your worksheet assignments online at the google forms links below. The links below are for Dropbox Assignments 1 and 2. Don't forget to upload a word document in the dropbox that just says you completed the assignment once completed. Please note: you must be logged into your GAVS email account to complete these assignments via google docs.

Please try to complete these assignments here, as this will assist me with data-based instruction. Thank you!

Recording sound files--tips

If you are using Audacity to record sound files make sure to not upload .aup files! they are huge and will fill up the dropboxes!

Please export your Audacity sound files as .mp3 or .wav.

Please watch this short video how to: http://www.screencast.com/users/dfrantzen/folders/Default/media/c733b9e8-5440-41fe-99a0-c68c1caefc91

In the aup format it accesses your computer file, so if anyone is not on your computer, we cannot listen to this file.

Go to File, then “export to mp3/wav”

Save the file in the location of your choice

Upload again in the discussion forum.

Danke schoen!

Here is a tutorial on how to use Audacity:


If you are struggling with Audacity you can use powerpoint to record sound files:

Instructions for recording sound in Power Point:

Create a power point presentation (just one slide is fine) andfollow the directions below (if you have a laptop you might have abuilt in mic already):