Saint Paul's Choir School Update

September 8, 2020

Dear Families:

Welcome to the first full day of classes! I am so pleased to see all the boys this morning and have made a point to visit every classroom during the morning sessions.

Fr. Patrick, one of the three priests who helps with our students, made a visit to each classroom as well to bless them on the first day of return to school.

The boys sang at Mass for the first time since March - it was really great to hear and they sounded great. We also shared the liturgy with new students for the first time. Many firsts today.

Procedure for Daily Symptom Screening

Please remember that we are checking each student as he arrives, to ensure that he has completed the daily symptom survey on the Google link provided. We must see the completed form before a student is allowed to enter the building. Think of this procedure in the same way that you would use an electronic boarding pass to take your seat on an airplane. To avoid delays in the drop off line, we ask that complete the form before drop-off. Our nurse will be available and does do a temperature check upon greeting your boys at the check-in desk.

A quick review of the steps to enter school each day:

  1. Before coming to school, complete the survey.
  2. Boys should come to school in uniform.
  3. Drop off in the parking lot between 7:15 and 7:30.
  4. Boys will be admitted after checking in with the nurse

Pickup Procedure at Dismissal

Dismissal will be staggered with a different dismissal location for different grades. If you are picking up your boys, please go to the dismissal location for you boys so that the school entrance is not overly crowded with cars.

3:05 3rd grade in courtyard

3:10 4th grade in courtyard

3:15 5th grade through HCC on Bow Street

3:15 7th grade through back stairs through DG Hall

3:20 8th grade through HCC on Bow Street

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our protocols and our schedules, and all that this new year brings. We will share information on our after school program tomorrow.

All the best, Tom

Dr. Thomas Haferd

Head of School

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