Grinding Out Results @ LTN354

Weekly Memo 3.21.16

Love. T. Nolan Takes Home 1st Place Trophy at Math Bowl 2016!

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Students of 14 SLC/AZ elementary schools competed this Saturday at the SLC/AZ Math Bowl 2016. We are proud to announce that our very own 4th grade team took home a first place trophy in the team round competition. Special shout out to Ms. Bussey and all teachers who helped support our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students as they prepared for this amazing competition. Additional thanks to Mrs. Darden, Ms. Wright and Ms. Cannon for their support!

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Ms. Capers' Angels- 4th Grade Champions!


Welcome back to another Great week at Love T. Nolan Elementary School!

I hope your weekend was well spent!

Hang in there everybody, we are only 10 instructional days from our well deserved Spring Vacation!!! I hope you have something relaxing and rejuvenating planned for yourselves during that time. We've put in a lot of time, sweat and a few tears into this work this year and we are seeing the results. Teachers, you are appreciated for all that you do!

You will also need to maintain high levels of instructional planning and delivery for the next two weeks in order to keep our students engaged in learning tasks. In addition, TKES walkthroughs will continue. Administrators will be coming in based on your classroom schedule. Please ensure that you maintain your pacing each day.

Silent Passage: It's an issue of respect for others

Shout out to our teachers and staff for enforcing our silent passage expectation in the hallways. Our PK-2 staff have consistently upheld this expectation and for that we say a BIG THANK YOU! However, our 3rd-5th staff will need to provide more consistent, clear expectations and consequences for non-compliance. My expectation is that we are incentivize each opportunity in the hallway with behavior bucks. Teachers, before you leave the classroom, please grab a stack of behavior bucks and call out non-compliance with warnings and color changes. Provide verbal praise for desirable behaviors.

Preparation for SY16-17:

As you know, LTN is hosting a series of demonstration lessons for all teacher candidates. Last week we saw a mixture of very proficient classroom instructional practices and less proficient practices. This week we will continue with the same format and participate in a second hiring fair on Friday, March 25, from 10-1pm. Only those candidates who display strong instructional practices and demonstrate and ability to adhere to school-wide expectations and structures will be offered positions for next school year.

Opportunities for Advancement @ LTN354:

There are two leadership vacancies for next school year; Literacy and Math Coach positions. We are proud to announce that beginning the week of March 11th, we will implement a comprehensive interview process for all interested LTN and system-wide candidates. Our hope is to promote from within the building and strengthen our own capacity to provide quality instruction for our students. All interested candidates must email Mrs. Freeman with a paragraph of interest along with your resume by COB Friday, March 25.

  • Literacy Coach Position: Congratulations to Ms. Cannon on her administrative promotion for next school year!!! We wish you much success in your new role as Curriculum Support Teacher at your new location, Ms. Cannon!

  • Mathematics Coach Position: This position has been created in the budget for next school year to support the broader work of Mathematics next year.

Interested candidates will participate in the following tasks:

  • Panel interview
  • Data analysis case study and presentation
  • Observation and feedback cycle with LTN teachers
  • Long Term Action Planning activity

Best wishes to all interested parties. Let the leaders stand up! More information coming soon.

Power Hour Phase III Returns:

We will resume our PH3 instruction with students this week. Thank you those of you who are actively working with our students during this timeframe. All tier III students will resume instruction with their Tier III instructors.

This week at LTN:

Monday, 3.21.16- 5th Grade March Madness Competition 8:30-10:00 a.m. in the cafeteria. May the best team Win!

4th Grade Student Discipline Conference 3-4:00 pm

Tuesday, 3.22.16- No faculty Meeting.

Reports cards go home with our students.

GLTs will plan on their own.

Thursday, 3.24.16- Admin Data Chats:

  • Please email a copy of your presentation to admin before your presentation timeframe. If you presented last week and have not emailed your presentation to all members of the admin team (Ms. Bussey, Ms. Cannon, Mrs. Freeman, and Mr. Hewitt), please do so.

Monday, 3.28.16- 3rd Quarter Awards Assembly:

Please refer to the flyers going home tomorrow for timeframes. We will maintain consistency with the timeframes.

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Big Ups to our Black Ops team (Mrs. Rencher, Whitaker and Bowers) for administering the IDI assessment to nearly 300 students in one week!!!! We couldn't have done it without you!!!

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Coach Nelson and Moges facilitate the action in the gym

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Flag Football Comes to LTN354

We are excited to announce that Kyler Pullin (Grandson of Valerie Pullin ) and one of his high school football buddies have volunteered to coordinate a flag football team for our 4th and 5th grade boys from April to May. Mr. Averrett will serve as head coach as the boys get a chance to burn off energy, bond with other males in the school community and show off their natural talents on the field. Let's go fellas!!!
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LTN Milestones Blitz Team will have some fun this Saturday, 3.26.16 at the Main Event Field Trip