Ocean Pollution

The Positives And Negatives

Oil in the oceans

In the 2000's, there is an average of about 3.3 oil spills per year and its killing off some animals in the ocean. The US coast guard and the environmental protection agency authorized dispersants in the ocean to help break up the oil leaking in the gulf of Mexico.


Over fishing endangers the ocean ecosystems because the fish cant reproduce fast enough, so they could end up going extinct. The US is now starting to put an end to commercial fishing.


There has been a recorded amount of 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. A 19 year old boy has found an efficient solution to clean up ocean garbage patches.

Air Pollution

Factories, Cars, pretty much everything that lets out bad fumes is going into the ocean and making the atmosphere terrible. At least China is trying to prevent this by only letting 3 ships out into the ocean at once.


Pesticides are making algae in the water grow quicker allowing no sun to the phytoplankton that need it and its putting in bad chemicals into the water that could hurt animals. The California Department of Health are taking samples of the animals and if their acid levels are too high, they would quarantine the zone to protect those who may consume these marine animals.