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CASEL Resource Alert!

Below is a guide to help you communicate the basics of SEL for parents and families. Let's help strengthen our community through SEL. We would specifically recommend pages 6-9 to help you communicate the top 10's for parents and families.
Well, get your tissues ready for this one. This social experiment asks "where has our human connection gone?" as it invites strangers to engage in one minute of direct eye contact. So powerful. 124 cities collaborated on October 29th, 2016 for the one you will see in this video. Check out http://www.buddhatheatre.be/eye_contact_experiment_2019/ for more information on this ongoing experiment. Maybe we host one in this region??
The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2016 (Official Version)
Our Fav Meditation & Mindfulness App ~ Insight Timer

Courses. Music. Meditations. Talks. Sleep Support. So much more!!

Your body language may shape who you are | Amy Cuddy
One Minute Mindfulness Practices

Find these practices along with other resources from SEE Learning at the link above!

Seeking Support with Mindfulness, SEL or Trauma-Informed Practices?

Liane and Kate are here to support you in a variety of ways. We spend a good portion of our time in classrooms modeling these practices with students, offering workshops, facilitating learning experiences in small group settings, coaching, book studies and more! Please check our catalog for offerings that may be of interest. You can also sign up for our email blast of offerings ~ see below!

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