Peanut Allergies

Joshua Joe


"Don't eat that it's got nuts". people get peanut allergies or just allergies because they're immune system overreacts to a substance or a chemical in the food .

Most allergies are triggered by proteins in dairy peanuts eggs tree nuts. And wheat 50 million Americans immune systems react to things that don't bother most people.

Sympotms of peanut allergies are sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes itching, hives, peeling of skins, tingling mouth, itchy rash, lightheadedness.

you'll know if you have food allergies if you get abdominal cramping, hives or anaphylactic shock after eating a certain food. you'll also know if 30 minutes after eating it you'll get rashes swelling in lips or face or stomache ache

So peanut allergies can be deadly they could kill you if you don't treat it right so be aware of these things going forward.

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