Singer Sewing Machine

Invented by Isaac Singer

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Isaac Singer

The Inventor, Isaac Singer

Isaac Singer was born on October 27, 1811 in Pitts Town, NY.He was raised in the upstste town of Oswego. When he turned 12, he left his home with little education and started work as a unskilled laborer. As a teen, Isaac took the job as an apprentice as a mechanic. Later, Isaac became the inventor of the sewing machine. Singer then went on 9 years of tour as an actor after he decided to abandoned being a mechanic. He then went broke and resumed his work as an mechanic.

Issac's work as an inventor started wen his boss asked him to fix a Lerow Blodgett Sweing Machine. Isaac then was inspired to reconstruct his own sewing machine. It featured a pressure foot and could stitch 900 stitches in a minute. Elias Howes was the first inventor of the sewing machine, and claimed that Isaac Singer copied her own ideas and Isaac was sued. Luckily, the sue didn't stop Singer from producing the machine.

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Ellias Howe

The Singer Sewing Machine

In 1857, Singer teamed up with a man named Edward Clark, and they started a new company by the name of The I.M. Singer & Company. Together, they were able to acquire movable parts for their sewing machine, such as a pressure foot that could stitch up to 900 stitches per minute. This enabled them to sell their machine to housewives for the affordable price of $10. Over the years, Singer tweaked and adjusted to his design. Then by 1860, the sewing machine received the distinction of becoming the biggest and best selling sewing machine worldwide. Later, in 1863, Clark an Singer incorporated under the company name of I.M. Singer and Company.