World War I

By: Paige Draughan block 4

2 political opposing sides

Isolationists- Felt the U.S should not get involved.

Expansionists- Felt that the U.S should expand

  • The expansionists won
  • The US has expanded from sea to shining sea
  • now we looked to China and Japan
  • The US traded with China
  • But Japan was isolated from the west
  • President Mckinley sent Commodore Matthew Perry to Japan to ask to open 2 ports
  • Japan did out of fear
  • Imperialism was created when all the nations tried to control weaker countries

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Seward's first claim

  • Secretary of State, William H. Seward, who was appointed By Abraham Lincoln, saw America owning Caribbean, Central America, and the Pacific.
  • He started from Alaska to Russia in 1867
  • After congress approved of the 7.2 million purchase of Alaska
  • which was a good price since its twice the size of Texas
  • so Seward signed a treaty with Russia
  • people made fun of him for buying a ice box
  • also known as polar bear garden
  • then they found natural resources such as oil and gold
  • In 1912 Alaska became a American territory
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America looks to the Pacific

  • Seward looked towards islands in the Pacific as a stop of ships from China
  • He acquired two islands but needed a bigger security for the U.S
  • Hawaii caught the U.S eye because of its 8 chain of islands
  • in 1970 we started to trade with Hawaii
  • since more Europeans and Americans started landing on the islands
  • they also brought disease like the Native Americans
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