Angela's Answers

for Plexus A-Team Ambassadors & Customers

May 2017

Have You Tried the NEW Enhanced Slim Yet?

You can read all about the New Slim here:

If you haven't tried the enhanced Slim yet, talk to your sponsoring Ambassador and see if they have any SAMPLES. But... they might be guarding those samples at this point because your sponsoring Ambassador probably cannot get more new Slim now! In fact, there is only ONE WAY to get the new Slim right now. Want to know what that is??? KEEP READING!
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There is Only ONE WAY to Get NEW Slim!

New Slim WILL NOT be in your regular Convenience Order yet! At this time, there is only ONE WAY to purchase the new Slim!

Are you a new customer? Are you an existing customer? Good...

The ONLY WAY for you to get NEW Slim now is to upgrade to wholesale Ambassador. Please contact your sponsoring Ambassador for information on how to upgrade your current membership!

You can join wholesale (for $34.95) and order a Welcome Pack which will include the new Slim -- while supplies last.

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