13 Colonies Webquest

By: Joey S, Shaun A, Amelia T, Tyler D Ny'Leah M.


Roanoke- Sir Walter Raleigh 1585.

Virginia- John Smith 1607.

Plymouth- William Bradford 1620.

New York- Peter Minuit 1626.

Massachusetts- John Winthrop 1630.

New Hampshire- John Mason 1630

Maryland- George Calvert 1634.

Connecticut- Thomas Hooker 1636.

Rhode Island- Roger William 1636.

Delaware- Peter Minuit 1638.

North Carolina- Group Of Proprietors 1653.

New Jersey- Lord Berkeley 1660.

South Carolina- Group Of Proprietors 1670.

Pennsylvania- William Penn 1682.

Georgia- James Oglethorpe 1733.

Reasons Why They Were Founded.

They founded the colonies when they were going on an expedition. They were trying to find more land to settle on. While they were on the expedition, one of their goals was to find more, or new land to settle on, what they found was North America, or the "New World".

The Role of Religion.

Some of the American Colonies had houses of worship. Most if the New Englanders went for church services to the Meetinghouse people who lived in the Middle and Southern Colonies, went to familiar looking churches, In the 18th century, the Great Awakening swept the Colonies. This was a movement to refocus people's thoughts and minds on the church and religion famous preachers brought many people into church.