Ancient Egypt

The Nile River

Transportation and Trading

The Nile was like their road. The used the Nile for basic transportation, special funerals, and tranporting iteams. They made their boats, ropes, baskets, sandles, and paper from the famous Papyrus plant. They also traded the plant as they did many other materials.

Calendars and Farming

The Egyptians had an entire year of farming. It was was divided into 3 seasons of Inundation, Emergence, and Harvest. The flooding was very gentle so it did not harm the crops. In fact, they helped them for when the water receded it left a layer of rich black soil. There crops were mostly made up of barely, emmer wheat, onions, garlic, leeks, beans, lentis, lettuce, cucumbers, melons, dates, figs, pomergranets, and gourds.

Daily Life

Two of the six cataracts along the Nile river were in acient egypt. The Nile is the worlds longest river (4,135 miles). The Nile flows from the South to the North.

Physical Features

Homes made of mud bricks and mortar. Fish were the most common protien source. Upper class hunted birds in papyrus marshes.

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