I read I see

By: Logan Graham and Erik Munoz-Munoz

What is it?

The product is as you read out loud there would be a screen (that is 2x4) that would picture what is happening through out the book.

What is it for?

This product is mostly for people who have disabilities or people who have a hard time getting the point of the book.

How would it effect the society?

It would help people become better readers and have a picture of what is happening though out the book. There would be kids that my not like to read, but when they are reading the book they would be at least interested to read books.

How would it effect it economically?

The production was by making an app. that app would cost some money but in the long run its only 2.99 plus tax. The consumer would be happy for this product since it would make school. The marketing would be on the internet.