Sweat Greatness

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Replenish Greatness

We are here you keep you warm during those long runs. We are here to let you jump higher fot that rebound. We are here to let you move with ease. And now we are here to replenish you thisrt.

Target Market


  • Male athletes between the ages of 12 and 35
  • Female athletes between the ages of 16 and 35
  • Middle class families
  • Upper class families


  • People who enjoy working out
  • Fans of sponserd players
  • Higher quality
  • Concerened with health and apperances

Promotional Evrents

Golf Tournament to showcase product to upperclass

3 on 3 Basketball tournament to showcase product to young athletes

Athletic Sponsorship

Product Cost

The product will only be sold as individual units to consumer for $3.50, but the production cost will by about $8.00 per case of 24, and this will be sold to retailers for $15.00 a case with price reduction on bulk orders.


With the name branding, quality, as well as history of Nike, success is inevitable. The brand alone will draw in customer attention, then the quality will hold the customers. Following that the releases of copious flavors will keep the customers coming back.