SMS Scoop

November 10, 2017

School Play Next Friday!

The SMS Drama Club invites you to attend their performance of "Bad Ideas for Bad Television Shows" at 6 PM, Friday, November 17th in the SMS Great Room. Admission is $3. Light refreshments will be available.

Good luck/Break a Leg to all of the actors and crew and to club sponsors Mrs. Zeigenbein, Mrs. Boley, and Ms. Kruth.

American Education Week

American Education Week is November 13th to 17th. It's proximity to Thanksgiving is very appropriate as AmEd Week is a great time to show appreciation and gratitude for our educational opportunities and the people that provide them. We'll devote each minute of silence observance next week to each of these groups.

  • Support staff (assistants, secretaries, nurses, cooks, custodians, and bus drivers)
  • Certified staff (all of our classroom teachers and counselors)
  • Extra-curricular staff (people who sponsor clubs or coach)
  • Parents, guardians, and community members (taxpayers that provide for us)
  • Leadership (district, school, teaching team, and department leaders)

Growth Mindset: Which Tiger Are You?

Have you shown any SWAG this week? Has there been an opportunity to demonstrate that you have a deep-rooted confidence that you can learn, grow, adapt, solve problems, and show crazy resilience when met with obstacles?

Remember that Trevor Regan (founder of calls upon us to take up a specific attitude about our ability to learn and grow. He thinks that without some confidence, we will limit our successes in school, in sports, in career, in hobbies, and all of our chosen endeavors. Whether you want to get better at hunting, drumming, designing clothes, coding, cooking, drawing, or middle school math, you need to have swag... I'm not perfect now but I want to get better. And I know it will take some effort (and flops/failures) to do it!

One way to figure out your level of swag is to think of two tigers. One tiger was born and raised a jungle. One tiger was born in a zoo. Think about the following questions and share your answers in homeroom.

  1. What are the needs of each tiger?
  2. What are the differences in how these needs are met?
  3. If someone took both tigers and let them loose in the Appalachian Mountains, what do you think would happen?
  4. In terms of learning new things, what kind of tiger is better suited to figuring out new situations?
  5. What kind of tiger have you been in the past? What kind of tiger do you want to be in the future?

How It Works: Snow days and school delays

In the case that existing snow/sleet/ice/fog/rain/freezing temps/frogs or the potential of these calamities would disrupt safe travel to school for walkers, drivers, and/or bus riders, we will cancel or delay school. The decision to delay or cancel school is made by Dr. Marc Slaton, SCSD2 Superintendent. He consults with local law enforcement and up-to-date weather forecasts and makes a decision in the best interest of our safety.

While we all want to know immediately, sometimes these decisions have to wait until morning. In any case, be ready for the exciting winter season and the potential for snow days and school delays!

School Schedule Change Info - Answers to the questions you may have!

  • The superintendent will send out a SchoolMessenger call and notify local TV and radio stations as soon as a decision is made. If your phone didn't ring, no decision has been made. Be sure to have your phone numbers up-to-date in Harmony! The SchoolMessenger call will go to the HOME PHONE number for each student.
  • If the decision is made in the wee hours of the morning, a call will go out early. This helps families that have parents with early work hours.

  • If we cancel school, we will not have any clubs or sports that night (this includes games and practices).
  • If we cancel school, we will have the missed schedule day (A or B) on the next day back.
  • If we cancel school, we will have to make it up!!

  • If we have a late start (to allow drivers to navigate icy/snowy roads in daylight), we will start at 10:05. Bus routes will run 2 hours later than normal. Be patient with buses on late start days as routes can be slowed by bad roads.
  • If we have a late start, your parent can still drop you off at SMS after 7 AM if their work schedule requires bringing you to school early.
  • If we have a late start, we do NOT have to make it up!

Weight Training Opportunity!

SMS 7th and 8th graders not currently participating in a sport are invited to start weight training at the SHS weight room. Students can ride V3 or V4 to SHS and lift under the supervision of the SHS and SMS football staff on every school day except Wednesdays. Lifting ends at 4:30 and rides should be ready at that time. Lifters should be picked up at 4:30 sharp at SHS door #D10 (back side of the building).

News to Know

Picture Retakes

SMS picture retakes will be taken on Thursday, November 16th. All students that were absent or not yet enrolled at SMS on picture day will be asked to sit for a picture. These students will be given a picture order form next week. Any student that is dissatisfied with a paid picture package can also return that complete, uncut package for a free retake.


Thanksgiving is fast approaching! It comes early this year. We have one more full week of school. Thanksgiving week will be short for SCSD2. We'll have school on Monday and Tuesday, November 20th and 21st. We will be out of school Wednesday through Friday. Wednesday, November 22nd is actually a potential snow make-up day. According to the forecast, we look safe for now! But just in case, know that we could have school that day if we miss a day prior to Thanksgiving break!

Next Week...

Mon. Nov. 13: A day, Yearbook, Science Olympiad, 7 A/B BB @ Austin, 8 A/B BB v. Austin

Tue. Nov. 14: B day, Archery, FACS Club, Drama Club, Robotics, 7/8 Girls BB @ Hazelwood

Wed. Nov. 15: A day, Cross 7:45am, 8th Grade Meetings with SHS staff (AM), Science Olympiad, Builders' Club Float Building, Drama Club Full Rehearsal,

Thu. Nov. 16: B day, Picture Retake Day, Drama Dress Rehearsal, Archery, 7/8 Boys BB v. East Washington 7/8 Girls BB @ Charlestown

Fri. Nov. 17: A day, School Play 6 PM