Steve Jobs

The Genius of the Comupter Industry


  • While working with Wozniak at Atari, the pair designed a circut board that used an extremely small number of chips that even an assembly line could not produce
  • The pair also created a "blue box" that allowed free long distance calls
  • Founded NeXT Computer after leaving Apple for a while
  • Created the NeXT workstation which, like the Apple Lisa was very technologically advanced
  • Bought Pixar
  • Introduced the hugely popular iMac, and iPod


  • Jobs was very tempermental
  • Early on, had little technological knowledge
  • Experimented with drugs
  • Built extremely expensive computer at NeXT
  • Developed cancer

Career Goals

  • Jobs always strived for aestheticly pleasing looking technology
  • Wanted his products to be at the forefront of the technology industry
  • Products had to be at the highest of quality
  • His business model were The Beatles

Apple and why they are great

  • Made computers fun to use
  • All of their products look pleasing to the eye
  • Created a whole new revolution of portable music
  • Operating system was simple and easy to use compared to Windows and Linux
  • Had a less is more approach to make products look cleaner