a city full of wonders

Vienna is a city of fun,entertainment,excitement,and fascination.


Vienna is a wonderful place to visit ,Vienna has lots of food choices.You can eat many deserts like"sachertorte" a chocolate cake with a secret recipe,you can also get a delicious cup of coffee to go with it ,because austrians go to coffee houses to eat ,drink ,and talk to family and friends.Vienna also has some fast food restraunts like Mc Donald's that we eat here in America.And if you are looking for some fun and food ,at carnivals and fairs austrians eat treats like popcorn ,candy ,and soda.As you can see in Vienna there are many food choices ,and food to try so come on down!
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Amazing culture,history, and arts

Vienna is a city full of culture and arts.And the main religion is christian,and christians celebrate holidays like christmas,and easter.There is so many more of other culture and religions in vienna.Also if you ever wanted to live in vienna it is high in education,fine arts,and music.Vienna also has very old but fascinating spanish riding schools to visit.And did you know vienna got its name in the 800's because the hungarians took control of the city and called it vienna.Now you see vienna is a city full of fascination waiting to be seen by you,and you can see it all if you visit.
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Entertainment in Vienna

In Vienna there are so many wonderful things to do.Like in the winter you can go sledding,skiing,or ice skating.Also Vienna has a very entertaining landmark it is a ferris wheel called Wiener Riesenrad.Vienna also has many museums to enjoy.Austrians also enjoy going out doors and you will to if you visit As you can see Vienna is a very fun and entertaining place to visit or live in.
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Amazing sights

Vienna is a city full of landmarks and historical sights.Here are some things to see........... There is an amazing theater called the Burgtheater or in English the national theater,it was for watch performances in the German language,and you could still see a performance today,but the reason you can see a performance today is because the Burgtheater was badly bombed but has been completely restored and thats why you can still watch performances.Also right by city hall there is an amazing park called Rathaus Park,it was a parade ground in 1863.vienna also has a very entertaining landmark it is a ferris wheel called Wiener Riesenrad. There is also a lot of museums to enjoy. Now you see Vienna is full of amazing sights ready to be seen by you so come on down.

Vienna's wonderful language

When your in Vienna you will hear many wonderful languages.The Austrian's in Vienna speak German Hungarian,Austrian's also speak Hungarian because Hungry took over Vienna in the 800's.And even though it is not very common to speak English,you will still love the city.Austrian's also speak high and low German.There is a large verity of languages but Austrian's manly speak German.

Viennas climate and weather!

Vienna is cold in the winter but nice and breezy in the spring and summer.In the winter the temperature can get to be as low as 20 degrees fahrenheit.And in the summer the temperature is usually between 65 and 75 degrees fahrenheit.On average it is warmest in july and coldest in january.It may be cold in the winter but is good for fun so come in the summer or winter and be prepared for fun!