Brielle Antietam And Clara Barton

Battle Of Antietam

The Leading To The Battle

On September 17, 1862, Robert E lee and George McClellan faced off near Antietam creek in Sharpsburg, Maryland, in the the first battle of the American Civil War to be fought on northern soil.Though McClellan failed toutlilize his numerical superiority to crush Lee'sarmy

Conditions Of The Antietam Battle

It was the bloodiest battle every single day. People were shot from both sides. They died from illness. Some were saved by Nurses.

How Did They Overcome And How Did They Impact

This battle was fought on September 17, 1862. It was the bloodiest single day battle in american history, with over 23,000. The union victory there led to the Emancipation Proclamation. General Robert E. Lee and his army of Northern Virginia launched a bold and daring invasion into Maryland during that month.

Clara Harlowe Barton

Clara Barton was born on December 21 1821. she was born in Massachusetts. And died April 12 1912. She was called a pioneering nurse. She worked as a teacher for several years. She even started her own school in Bordentown. She was one of the first volunteers to appear at the Washington infirmity to care for wounded soldiers. After she came from the hospital from her fathers death and then she went back to the field to protect the soldiers.She brought her supplies in three wagons. And she was welcome to the battle of Antietam.
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What impact did clara barton leave on the war

She cared for little personal and strove to comfort other people. She comforted others and tried to help them out. She was a role model for nurses, teachers, social workers, doctors, and allied health professionals .

How was she involved

First she was a nurse and also she was one of the from American Red Cross. Whenever she saw someone hurt she was right there helping the dead and the injured. And she would be there right when the battle started and when it ended. Her task wasn't easy plus she had to carry her supplies in a wagon. She worked until dark. And she had to work while bullet were going all on her head. She is the founder of american red cross.

How Was Clara Barton Rembered

She is remembered for founding the american red cross. And also helping in the battle of the Antietam.
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