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October 25-29, 2021

We were honored for our Model PLC status at this week's School Board meeting!

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Important Events for the Week:

It's Red Ribbon Week!

PK 3 Oral Language Assessment #1

October 25:
  • Model PLC Monday
  • "Use Your Head-Don't do drugs!" Everyone can wear crazy hair in class.

October 26:
  • Tracy-AM AP Meeting @Admin Building
  • 2:30-4:00 Flu Shot Clinic for Staff
  • Ashley Boysen on campus
  • "Your choices are they key to your dreams!" Everyone can wear pajamas to class.

October 27:
  • Well-deserved Wednesday
  • "Team up Against Drugs!" Wear jeans and your favorite team jersey.
  • 11:00-12:15 Staff Carnival in the Cafe

October 28:
  • Jeans & Pierce Shirts for ISF donation
  • "Give Drugs the Boot!" Wear boots or Western attire with jeans.

October 29:
  • 2nd 6 Weeks Ends
  • 8:00 Grades Due!
  • 9:45 AM Virtual Parade (all AM & Full day Classes)
  • Ashley Boysen on campus (AM)
  • "Drugs are not in our Character Day" Dress as your favorite book character.
  • 2:00 PM Virtual Parade (all PM classes)
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Calhoun's Comments

October is AAC Awareness month!

Donna Calhoun

Virtual Office Website

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Library/DLC Update from Ms. Popkin:

Parade Information: We will be broadcasting the parade next week through a Zoom webcast. I have posted the attached information through SeeSaw, and I will post the Zoom links next week on Thursday in SeeSaw. Because this is a webinar, viewers will be asked for a name and email to enter the webinar. The directions are in the flyer. You are welcome to share this information with your families. Let me know if you have any questions.

AM and Full Day Classes:

PM Classes:

Book Character Day Reading: Last year, Marcela and I did a virtual story time about cats on Book Character Day. Attached is the link if you would like to view this again. It is about 20 minutes.

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PLC Review:

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Shout Outs!

From Tracy Gonzales:

Solution Tree National Recognition at the Board Meeting on Monday evening was earned because of the awesome staff that work hard everyday to do what is best for student. Thank you Pierce Family.

Thank you Ms. Luna for always being willing and ready to support a classroom.

Thank you Marcela for your extra support with students this week in the classroom.

Thank you Ursula for all of your help and support that you provide throughout the campus.

Office ladies (Zandra, Sylvia, Nadya, and Ursula) y’all are doing a great job.

Yasmeen, your support has been invaluable this school year.

From Stella Luna:

Thank you Mrs. Popkin for the pretty flowers you gave me, they cheered me up.

Thank you to everybody who had me in their thoughts and prayers, that meant a lot to me.

Thank you to Nadya for the music cd’s.

Love Ms. Luna

From Julia Popkin:

Shout out to Carey for helping with everything to get ready to broadcast the parade.

Shout out to everyone who has helped with the banner for the parade.

Shout out to the members of the Library Committee for taking the time to meet with me. I know you are so busy! I really appreciate your input!

From Jennifer Dickson:

Thanks for all the Boss's Day love! I appreciate all of your thoughtfulness in helping me avoid sugar! :)

Shout out to Yumeeka, Julie and Karen for coming to Monday's Board Meeting!

Shout out to Zandra: You are doing so well in your new role! Chasing down a discount for a dented new fridge and making sure everyone has what they need for supplies. Thank you!!

Shout out to Whitney (this week) and Marisol (several weeks ago) for being so flexible and changing grade levels after the year has already started. I'm so proud of you for putting our students' needs first!

Shout out to Lauren for welcoming some new challenges to her classroom!

Shout out to Marcela and Lauren for loving on our new PK 4 friend and seeing the good in him every day!


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