Codologie Current Events

February 2019

We're in Project Mode

Last month, our students designed their projects. This month, they have been working on bringing their designs to reality! The first step was to write the code (in Python) and set up circuits on a temporary breadboard (the white plastic thing below) before adding the components to the actual project:
The next step is the aesthetics: building a model of one of an ancient civilization's achievements. Some teams have already gotten moving on this:

What's Next

At the beginning of April, each class will have a showcase, where they'll invite parents and other classes to see their work. The following week, judges will come in and choose a finalist from each class. Each finalist will be invited to compete against all the others at this year's Play|Code|Compete, formerly known as the Scratch-Off.
Big picture

Written by Heather Boling

Heather is AESD's Bytes & Bots Digital Learning Coach. She writes curriculum, plans events such as Play|Code|Compete, works with mentors and teachers, and much more! She has recently also taken on Code Campus and AESD's new eSports curriculum, Nurturing Positive Competitors.