Clarks Creek Chronicles

November, 2015 - News and Notes to Keep You Connected

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A Note From the Principal

Dear Parents,

It's been a busy, and very productive month! Thanks to all who were able to be here to help our students have a great time at our fall parties and at the Halloween event. We've entered that time of year where it seems like every week something huge is happening, and before long we will be finishing up our semester!

Big news from last week was the preliminary release of ISTEP scores. I've included the cut scores for those tests below. These can be used for reference for those whose students took those tests in third or fourth grade last year. We will still be getting additional information, and the helpful score reports that we are used to seeing will be coming out in early January. More info to come!

As we approach Thanksgiving next week, let me just take a moment to say how thankful I am for all of your children and the staff that works with them every single day. We are blessed beyond measure, and I am thankful every day for the opportunity we are presented with to help educate the amazing young people who cross our threshold every morning! I am grateful, too, to be able to work in tandem with you, their parents. Enjoy your Thanksgiving break with family and friends!

Mrs. Donovan
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Something Fun to Watch For

If you happened to be at our first PRIDE convocation, you know that we recorded a very short segment that will be the "wake-up call" on WISH-TV. We have just been notified that this segment will air tomorrow morning sometime between 6:40 and 7:10 a.m. Tune in to see all of our Clarks Creek students and staff "wake up" the entire Indianapolis area!

Click the Link Above to See the Website Calendar

  • 11/18 Students on WISH-TV between 6:40 and 7:10 a.m. - a "wake-up call" from Clarks Creek

  • 11/19 and 11/20 Second Grade - Field Trips to WonderLab
  • 11/26 - 11/27 Thanksgiving Vacation

  • 12/7-12/11 Santa Shop

  • 12/7 Gr. 1 Fancy Nancy Night 5:30 - 7:00

  • 12/10 School Board Mtg 7:00pm Superintendent's Office

  • 12/11 PRIDE Convocation - 2:30 Gym

  • 12/17 End of Second 9 Weeks

  • 12/17 Christmas Parties 2:30 - 3:15 in classrooms

Proposed School Start Times for 2016-17

The school board is looking at proposed changes for school start times for the 2016-17 year. Click the link below to see the FAQs about this.

PTO Info

The annual Nightmare on Elm Dr. was a HUGE success! Thank you to everyone who volunteered time, donated items, and attended this event. We hope you enjoyed the event. Please email PTO at with any feedback to help make the event an even bigger success next year.

PTO is currently looking for 2 individuals who would like to be a part of the Walk-A-Thon donation committee. This position would entail contacting local business to solicit donations for the Walk-A-Thon for the various prizes, corporate sponsors, and other areas of the Walk-A-Thon. If you would like more information and/or would like to be a part of this committee, please contact the PTO via email and/or Facebook.

Santa Shop 12/7-12/11. Please look for Volunteer Spot to be emailed soon as we look for volunteers to help with the sale. This will give the opportunity to help students shop for inexpensive, surprise gifts during the school day.

Spirit-wear order forms were sent home last week. You will also be able to view the items in color on our website. We are offering new designs and you will also be able to choose short sleeve, long sleeve, or sweatshirts. An additional option will be whether you would like a blue or grey shirt. Please mark your order form carefully when making these choices. Orders will be distributed before Christmas Break and these items make GREAT gifts for everyone!

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The Plainfield Community Schools Legacy Foundation has begun their annual fundraiser, selling Major Saver cards. The Legacy Foundation supports the schools in many ways. In particular, this year we have already seen them present every single kindergarten student with a book of their very own. Several teachers have also received grants from the Foundation to fund projects in their classrooms. Please consider purchasing a card for yourself and as gifts for others who might be able to take advantage of the great offers included!

The Major Saver Card

  • The Major Saver card sells for $10.00 and features 17 BOGO offers. There is also a detachable key fob to make it even more convenient to use the card.

November 19th: Last Day for CAMPAIGN COLLECTIONS

  • Students may return card orders to school.
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The Waste-Free Lunch Challenge Was a Success!

Mrs. Silver and her fourth grade class have spear-headed our building's efforts to recycle, encouraging students and staff at all grade levels to be conscientious about the waste that we produce. We completed our Waste Free Lunch Challenge on Friday, and here are the impressive results!

On the Baseline Day

Trash Bags -- 14

Recycling Bags -- 0

On the Waste Free Day

Trash Bags -- 7

Recycling Bags -- 3

Thanks to all who helped their kids pack lunches from home in reusable containers.

We received a grant from HCSWMD to purchase recycling containers and are just waiting for the ones we ordered for the cafeteria to arrive. Then we will be able to recycle every day! Mrs. Silver's class has already been calculating how many bags of recycling we will be able to save from the landfill over the course of a week, a month, and the rest of the year! Since doing the Challenge last year, our cafeteria staff has improved their practices to reduce waste, too, with plans to implement a few more changes soon. This Challenge was exactly what our school needed to get motivated to go GREEN!

We appreciate the efforts of all who have helped make "going green" a reality here at Clarks Creek!

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