United States vs Haiti: By Matthew. Jaryga 11/17/15

Important Information

This will inform you on which country, US( developed) or Haiti(undeveloped), has a better way of living, population, life expectancy, and the future of both countries.

Info on United States

  • Current Population: 318.9 million
  • Life Expectancy: 78.74 years
  • Advancement: Developed

Info on Haiti

  • Current Population: 10.32 million
  • Life Expectancy: 62.8 years
  • Advancement: Undeveloped

Situations with United States

  • Due to consumption of fossil fuels, the U.S is starting to lose their natural resources for vehicles and will soon get less, and will soon have to switch to a better way of transport.

Situations with Haiti

  • Due to the earthquake in Haiti, that happened five years ago, that caused homes and other structures that fell down and demolished
  • Hospitals were also destroyed, leaving Haiti with little to no healthcare

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