Paper and Wheelbarrows

by Summitt W

the invention of paper

Paper was first invented in China in in 105 A.D by Cai Lun, an official of the Emperor court. Paper was a very big invention and was great to have for books and other things that required paper. At first, paper was made of silk rags that were turned into a pulp. The paper was very thick and uneven. As time progressed, the art of making paper became more precise and paper became even and thin. It was then made of bamboo and other materials. This invention helped many people and spread throughout the World.

How was paper made?

Paper making was a very precise art that could be messed up easily. First, all of the materials that were being used were soaked in water. Then, they boiled and pounded either bamboo or silk rags to form a pulp. The pulp was a thick liquid. They then dipped a screen into the pulp and it gathered a thin layer of the fibers. They then removed all of the water and put the screen on a heat wall. After it had dried for a while, they peeled the dried pulp layer off which was the paper.

The invention of the wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow was invented between 221 B.C and 265 A.D. No one knows the specific year or person who invented the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow was great for farmers use and helped many people be able to carry heavy things without having to put them on their back. Many people called the wheelbarrow a "wooden ox." It was a great invention that helped many people and has spread throughout most countries, including America.

what were the wheelbarrows used for and how were they made?

The wheelbarrow was used mainly by farmers. They used this because it made easier to push or pull heavy objects that were hard to carry. It had a sturdy wheel and sometimes a sail. In the middle of the wheelbarrow, there was a basket to put the object that you were carrying in. There were two, long wooden handles that meant for pushing and pulling the cart.
Inventions from Ancient China ~ Paper Making Technique