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All the library news worth barking about - Sept. 2015

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Let's Start Something Big - One School One Book!

Do you remember being read aloud to? Who read to you? Was it at home, or in school? Most of us can probably name a particular book or person who opened that magical experience for us. For me, it was my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Ward and the book- A Wrinkle in Time. I can still imagine it today. Now, here's a different question - do you remember when the read alouds stopped?

Every year new research is presented that emphasizes the importance of nightly reading. School nightly reading programs are built on the very idea that daily exposure to books has a direct positive effect on student achievement in school. What the research may neglect to emphasize, however, is the equal importance of shared read alouds. A recent study (2014) by Scholastic found that only 17% of students ages 9-11 were read to aloud at home while 83% of 6-17 year olds said that they still enjoyed being read aloud to at home.

This is where One School One Book comes in.

Five years ago Eubank participated in it's very first One School One Book (OSOB) reading celebration. The response was incredible. This Family Literacy program encourages parents, with school support, to build and strengthen a family tradition of literacy. How does this happen? Simple. We ALL read the same book at the same time. During a OSOB celebration EVERY family and EVERY staff member is provided a "forever" copy of the same book and encouraged to read and discuss the story together. The entire school community follows a common nightly reading calendar and daily reading trivia questions are shared during the morning announcements. When an ENTIRE school community shares a common story excitement increases, students become invested and parents are encouraged to build on what could be one of the most important strategies for increasing a student's reading success.

This is where teachers come in
So. What does this mean for Eubank Staff? Simple - Join us in 15 minutes of nightly reading at home. Talk to your students about the story. Participate in the conversation and take some time to enjoy the story yourself. If you'd like to extend the conversation with your students take a look at some of the included links/activities included in this newsletter below.

One School One Book begins this year on Friday, September 11th with a kick-off assembly in the cafeteria:
8:30-9:00 (grades K-2)
9:15-9:45 (grades 3-5)

Our first book is The Enormous Egg. Books will be distributed to families on Monday, September 14th. I hope you enjoy our first book. If you have any questions please come on by - the library's always open.


The Enormous Egg - Teacher Resources

How To Draw A Triceratops
Literature Guide including vocabulary, math and art activities

Here Comes Book Fair!

Our first Book Fair of the year will begin at the end of the month. The Scholastic Book Fair will start with a Staff Sneak Peek on Friday, September 25th. Come down to the library after school to enjoy some snacks, take a look at the books and fill out your wish list! The Book Fair will run Monday September 28th - Friday October 2nd. Library Classes will continue on the same schedule during the fair.

Teaching SM+ART! (Supporting Music + Art in the Classroom)

The library has an entire library of musical instruments and tools available for teachers to check out. This month, let's take a closer look at activities that can be easily incorporated into your curriculum using a simple scarf! Explore the links below for ideas to inspire and get you started. Come by the library to check out a set of scarves today!