By Dan

The American Revolution

Before this happened, the colonies were happy with what was happening. They had elected officials similar to what America has now. They also had democratic town meetings and used a jury of the peers. After the French and Indian War, the British came back to the colonies and things were different. The British forced people to house the British troops. They forced the colony to pay high taxes. If people refused or failed to pay taxes or didn't do anything the British wanted them to do, they would be facing a judge with no jury. The engligentmenat ideas relate to this because the people before wanted to have a elected officials in office, they wanted to have a equal treatment for everybody not make the poor people pay all the taxes and have the rich sit on the butt not paying any taxes.

The French Revolution

The french society was doing good, but they had a hard time collecting taxes because of the way they set up there government. They it was set up the clergy and the noble men never paid taxes it was all the poor people who paid the taxes. king louie was spend a lot of money on the american revolution and he ended up declaring bankruptcy. Then there was a hard rain witch killed the harvest and left people starving and mad. the made rights that applied to every person no matter how rich or poor you are. liberty, property, security thats what everybody had the right to, the french did not do so good protecting these rights. so marie Antoinette was rumored to be hoarding grain, so something known as the women's march stormed the palace of Versailles and the women's march wanted king louis and marie to move to pairs. This revolution could relate to the eninlightment ideas just about the same way the american revolution did no body was being treated equally and it was the poor people who got scerwed they had to pay all the taxes while the rich people with all the money had to pay no taxes.