Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight

Choosing to live a healthy life brings many positives!

Snack Before Dinner!

When we were younger we were told not to spoil our dinner, but now older, we learn that it's okay! If your hungry, eat. Grab an apple or some time type of portioned snack! A small salad, fresh fruit, even celery and peanut butter! It helps to avoid overeating during meal time!

Portion Control When Eating Out and In

When eating out, the food brought to go is way more for a person for one meal. So instead split the entree with a friend or take half to go in a box! When eating in, to avoid the temptation of thirds or seconds try not putting the food on the table for peole to grab.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

People tend to eat more when they have easier access to food. Replace the candy dish with a fruit bowl, push the cookies, cake, ice cream out of sight and moves the fruit and healthier snacks to eye level. When buying in bulk store the excess food on a high cabinet, or covards.