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The Most Amazing Places In Colombia!

Visiting Colombia in the fall is a beauty, the colors of all the leaves changing and the waterfalls as well, Colombia is all about beauty, the trees, rivers, gardens, etc. You'll find amazing events that are here and amazing rivers to visit, not only just those but also the history . Colombian people celebrate too with outstanding festivals and birthdays, they go all out when it comes to these things. To see more information read below.
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Some of the Most Beautiful Places In Colombia

Although it's a beautiful place there's one creepy thing about Colombia...

Creepy Hotel

Just southwest of Bogotá is Hotel del Salto, a once-luxurious establishment frequented by wealthy wanderlust-ers. Over the years, though, nearby river contamination led many of these travelers to cleaner water, thus leaving del Salto to fall into a state of disrepair. As the decrepit spot eventually became a popular place to commit suicide, many speculate that the dilapidated building is now haunted and has become famed as Colombia’s haunted hotel.

This Is Cool Colombia

Come visit this amazing yet thrilling place, Colombia, all these places are amazing even the haunted hotel you will be shocked to see them for yourself and enjoy your stay.