Water in Namibia


Whens the last time you had a glass of water? Maybe you had one two hours ago, or 3 minutes, or maybe your having one right now. We are so lucky to be in reach of such sanitary water, and we don't even think about how hard someone in Namibia works for theirs. Many people in Africa spend hours a day carrying more than 50 pounds of water on their backs not even having the cleanliness of the water to keep them healthy. We need to start thinking about how hard it is for a person just like us to get a glass of water, when we are allowed to refresh ourselves with not just water, but other delicious drinks. It is outrageous that about 300 million people in Africa don't have safe water to drink, when we are sipping our clean refreshing ice water without a sweat. The next time that you have a glass of water, make sure to think about how good you have it.

What is the problem? Details?

The cleanliness and the amount of water provided to African people close by in Namibia. Many people in Namibia especially have a very meager amount of water, even then not even having sanitary water to drink. Many African people start to catch dangerous diseases from their water.
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Who is Affected?

About 300 million people in Africa (and Namibia) are affected by the water cleanliness and scarcity.

What is Affected?

The water is mainly effective making it unsanitary for humans to drink.
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Where is it affective?

There are many places where water scarcity is effective, but an example of a place that has this issue is Namibia, a country in Africa.

What is the cause of the problem?

Many causes of unsanitary water include the people of Africa suffering from poverty, causing the African people to not have enough money to take care of the water. Something that also causes them to have a scarcity of dirty water is the amount of rainfall, and the hot, dry climate that Namibia has.
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What is an effect of the problem?

The effect of this water problem has many cons. Many of the people in Africa begin to not have good health, and it can also cause the poverty of the people in Africa.

What is a solution of this problem?

Many scientists had found groundwater (specifically an aquifer) under the land of Africa. Scientist see this as a solution for Africa's unsanitary water and the scarcity amounts of it that fill Africa's land.
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