Theodore Roosevelt

The 26th President

Early Life

Born in New York City on October 27th 1858. As a young boy Theodore was homeschooled due to his illness of asthma. Theodore also had a passion to nurse animals. His father died when Theodore was in his second year at Harvard College. This made him work even harder. In 1880 he was enrolled at Columbia Law School. He soon after married Alice Hathaway Lee from Massachusetts.

What Makes Him A Progressive

Theodore was a progressive for many reasons. He was a big fan of big business and supported it. He also made regulations for businesses. Theodore was also a huge muckraker. He pointed out the things that were wrong and tried to fix them. He was also a naturalist and wanted to preserve nature and its recourses.

Major Accomplishments

Theodore was the governor of New York and then a Vice President. After that he became the 26th president of the United States. Theodore also was a muckraker and fixed problems that were pointed out. He also added to the national forests in the west, reserved lands for public use and fostered great irrigation projects.

Why I Reaserched Him

I researched Theodore Roosevelt because I heard a lot of good things about him. He was the youngest president at 42. He led America toward progressive reforms and a strong foreign policy. His conservationism and willingness to take on big business is why he is considered one of the better the presidents.