The Blossoming Universe of Violet D

Brenda Woods

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Moon Lake,Los Angeles(Hollywood),The Cemetery(in Los Angeles,California),The Beach(in Los Angeles,California),Stores(Seattle,Los Angeles),Family's houses(from her dad's side of the family),Ice Rink(Moon Lake),Hospital(Los Angeles).Present

Main Characters

Violet Diamond-girl,very sweet and kind,her parents are biracial,has a cat,has adopted sister older than her

Roxana Diamond(from dad's side)-women,grandma,artist,like's cooking,caring,call her bibi too

Mom-women,doctor,adopted another daughter,her husband is dead,daughter violet

Daisy Diamond-girl,adopted,likes to speck french,has boyfriend,sister violet

Grandma(from mom's side)-women,grandma,likes to cook,hard working

Grandpa(from mom's side)-guy,grandpa,likes to plant,takes cooking classes,really funny


The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond is about a girl who has biracial parents and she is the only one in school like that.Her father died when she was small and Violet Diamond never meet him.She has a adopted sister that is older than her and likes to speck french. Violet Diamond never knew the family of her dad's side.Until one day she found out the truth and nothing was going to be the same.Violet Diamond was going to go to knew place she never knew about.She was going to Los Angels a place she dreamed of going for a long time and she even wrote a list of places she wanted to got to in Los Angeles.Her dad's part of the family lived in Los Angeles,California so they took along trip.Violet also took many trips with her grandma like Disney Land.Violet and Roxana(bibi) was there turn to host the dinner.She really liked her knew family and kind of didn't want to go back home.Her grandma Bibi was an artist Bibi was showing Violet how to paint.A couple days later they where making her famous mash potatoes when Violet went downstairs her grandma was not breathing she called 911.She had a heart attack a couple of days later she got better and went home.Violet went back home to Moon Lake but before she did she talked to her grandma and said she would she her for Christmas,would miss her alote.


-''No,we passed a baby furniture store and there was the prettiest crib in the window,so I made one of my famous U-turns.I can still hear him warning me not to when the truck broadsided us and sent us into the telephone pole.Your dad was gone instantly.''p.g 51

-''No,your daddy gave it to me one Mother's Day.Told me the three diamonds represented him,his father,and me.Get it,the three Diamonds''.p.g 156

-''Bibi!'' I yelled from the hallway.I'm going to put on 'Mashed Potato Time' and then I'm coming to help with dinner.''She didn't answer.''Bibi?''p.g 196


Violet Diamond wants to meet her Dad's part of the family but she is afraid she will get use to the place she is going to and won;t want to come back home.She also wants to go because she feels like a part of her is missing and maybe this will help.Because since her dad died she is missing a part of her soul.The conflict is Internal because she is making a decision.
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