Aerospace Engineering

Ethan Conroy 5th Period


Engineering is the science of using technology to design, to create something or bring something about.

Aerospace engineering is the field of engineering concerned with the construction of aircraft and spacecraft.

Design Process

There are many types of design processes, however engineering design process is the biggest. There is one other: Industrial design. Industrial design however does not ask to list constraints or develop possible solutions. However, both research the problems and create a prototype. Industrial engineering ends at production management, however engineering design process tests and evaluates and improves their design before being done.


  • Directs and coordinates activities of engineering or technical personnel designing, fabricating, modifying, or testing of aircraft or aerospace products.
  • Develops design criteria for aeronautical or aerospace products or systems, including testing methods, production costs, quality standards, environmental standards, or completion dates.
  • Writes technical reports and other documentation such as handbooks and bulletins, for use by engineering staff, management, and customers.
  • Evaluates product data or design from inspections or reports for conformance to engineering principles, customer requirements, environmental regulations, or quality standards.

Ethical Issue

Space shuttle malfunction.

Career Tracks

  • Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Field service
  • Marketing
  • Software development
  • Teaching

Developmental Cycle

  • Aircraft concepts can start with very rough sketches.
  • Aircraft Design By Trial and Error.
  • Computer-Aided Design of Aircraft.
  • Defining the Objective.
  • Analyses and Modeling.
  • Design Iteration and Optimization.

Types of Products

  • Aircraft
  • Spacecraft
  • Satellites
  • Missiles
  • Systems for national defense

Market Analysis

Definition: To determine the attractiveness of a market and to understand its evolving opportunities and threats as they relate to the strengths and weaknesses of the firm.

Risk: The biggest risk is losing money.