Bubonic Plague-Black Death

History Class- February 11,2016

What Is The Black Death?

The Bubonic Plague, or Black Death, started in the 14th century. It played no favorites, spreading like wildfire killing off half of the population. The result in having been infected by this deadly virus is almost a promise to a painfully slow death. Having this virus made you an outcast as soon as the second stage where swellings appears throughout the skin which is ultimately contagious.

Why Did The Black Death Start?

The Black Death for sometime was a mystery and many theories were thrown into the mix. Some believed that it was from the sewage system which was in the streets, which was partly true. The Bubonic Plague started from rats who jumped onto ships when voyagers traveled and they had fleas who carried disease. The plague was transmitted through bites and was also airborne.
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The Black Death - Worst plague in history

Symptoms of the Black Plague

  1. high fever, aching limbs
  2. black bubos', a swollen lymph node, appear around outside of the body
  3. violent shivering fits, and a weak body making you unable to stand
  4. the swelling grows into the size of a walnut
  5. swelling grows to a goose egg
  6. vomiting blood
  7. the sickness has lasted for 3 days and on the 4th day the person infected is most likely dead.

How The Black Death Impacted The People.

The Black Death impacted a lot of people in many extreme ways. One of the most is that you were losing your family members to this disease and there wasn't a thing you could do about it because it was incurable. It also took a long time for the population to recover from this outburst.


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World's Worst Plague!