Gang Diversion, Reentry, and Absent Fathers Interv. Centers

G R A A F I C S:

Gang Diversion, Reentry & Absent Fathers Intervention Centers, Inc.

7 New York City Schools

400 Students Served

60% Increase in Attendance

50% Decrease in Incidents

20% Increase in Grades

100 Paid Internships

50 Guns Off the Street

75 Student Jobs

3 College Tours

30 Field Trips

25 Out of Street Gangs

5 Community Service Projects

100 High School Graduates

259 Students Successfully Promoted to Next Grade Level

15 Students Enrolled and Attending College…

...Evidenced Based Practices and Proven Results...


Former Gang Members Go To College And Helps Others
GRAAFICS @ The Leadership High School - Bronx, NY
Dr Kai Smith Keynote Speaker@Christopher Columbus HS Bronx, NY 2012 Graduation


At GRAAFICS, our partnership with schools is simple. Administrators identify the absolute most challenging behaviors within the schools population and assign them to us. Blending the lesson plans from teachers with our evidence based, DOE approved curriculum; our certified trainers and clinical staffs work closely with those students on attitudinal adjustments and behavior management. Day-to-day activities and drills help students better understand consequential thinking and responsibility as it applies to their lives. Outcomes are measured as retained information is reflected in student's over all attendance, incident involvement and grades.


Behavior Modification Package

Our 20 to 40 session behavior modification program is one

that offers a certified GRAAFICS trainer once or twice

per week, in your school, between the hours of 9:30am X 2:00pm.

This package further includes:

4 Classes: Violence: What Does It Prove & Is It Really Worth It?

4 Classes: Cyber Bullying: The ‘New’ Felony.

4 Classes: Street Gangs: A Complete UnderstandingOf How Membership

EffectsYour Life.

4 Classes: The Code Of The Streets: Is It Really A Code, Who Really

Respects It, Why And Why Not.

4 Classes: Violence II: Understanding Why You May Resort to Violence And

HowBreaking That Cycle.

4 Classes: Education: Guaranteed Long-Term Money, Power & Respect

You’ll Never Get From Crime.

4 Classes: Stress & Anger Management: What It Will Get You And Hcow To

Best Deal With It From The Perspectives Of 10 Men With A Total

Of 120Years In Prison.

4 Classes: Decision Making: Healthy & Measurable Alternatives To


4 Classes: Getting Out Of The Game: Assisting Each Person With Building

A Reasonable, Understandable, Measurable, Believable &

Achievable Action Plan.

4 Classes: Community Atonement: How To Apologize To Your Community

WithoutSpeaking One Word.

4 Classes: Power Speakers: The Program Brings In 4 Different Inspirational


Cohort Size: 10 Participant Minimum and 20 Participant Maximum.

Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer with the GRAAFICS Team

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What Do Schools Get For Their Money?
Ultimately, this depends upon the package or packages that are chosen. The most popular school package is the one year ‘Life Skills/RAYS’ package. This package offers:

In Class Lessons: 40 (forty) intense life skills classes facilitated by the best instructors for your schools population.

Instructor: An instructor that not only has the ability to answer the most difficult questions and address the most difficult challenges, but also has the ability to use firsthand experience to connect those challenges to positive outcomes.

Field Trips: 10 to 12 field trips to destinations that support positive change and expose the rewards of negative behavior

Motivational Speakers: 10 to 12 great speakers that students may not have the opportunity to experience outside of The GRAAFICS Program

Network: A network of GRAAFICS graduates as well as citywide staffs and administrators that do a favor for a graduate simply because they support the program.

Experience: A unique experience that no other program in the city offers

Hope: The GRAAFICS Program provides students with a genuine reason to change their current behavior. Students want to change because they actually ‘see’ where their current actions and/or behavior will eventually lead them.

What We Offer That’s Different Than What Schools Currently Offer or What Do We Offer That Schools Can’t Offer?

Up To Date Education: GRAAFICS takes a teachers current lesson plan and connect it to current situations and/or experiences, engaging students for the entire class and providing students with a unique learning experience that they can connect to real life.

Prevention: GRAAFICS offers prevention through awareness of short term, mid range and long term consequences, and by providing alternatives with immediately achievable results.

A Realistic Picture Of Success: GRAAFICS offers students a picture of success that they can see themselves in. GRAAFICS staffs are comprised of: former gang members, former substance abusers, former drug dealers, and the formerly incarcerated; whom were once former problematic students themselves. Students have the ability to directly see and hear our staffs horrible life stories, learn of the consequences of their poor teenage and adult decisions, and also have the ability to see, hear and learn how GRAAFICS staffs changed their lives becoming the people that they are today.

Anger Management / Aggression Replacement: A proven NON-THERAPEUTIC method for addressing poor attitudes, aggressive behaviors and aggressive actions. Tapping into the feelings that GRAAFICS staffs experienced when they were in some of today’s identical teenage situations, GRAAFICS has comprised a series of trainings based on the effects of poor decision making and rewards of healthy decision making. Where therapeutics focus on the origins and why’s of poor behavior, GRAAFICS focuses responses.
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Three of the most critical issues in determining whether an ex-prisoner can successfully re-enter society and maintain a successful life are: #1 Training, #2 Employment and #3 Education.

Studies clearly and unanimously show that prisons fail horribly at providing reentry services to offenders scheduled for release simply because it’s not what they do; they are not in the business of rehabilitation, they’re in the business of confinement.

Therefore, there is neither interest nor appreciation for quality (or even adequate) reentry services. Inmates scheduled for release are offered poor quality cut-and-paste pre-release services 30 to 60 days before release, usually trained by another inmate (with no clue of dated techniques) or staffs with no clue of societal adjustments in the areas where the inmates will be released; which, in reality, means they leave prison without a genuine formula for success, almost destined to fail and re-offend.

The Reentry Training
Three of the most critical issues in determining whether an ex-prisoner can successfully re-enter and maintain a successful life in society are their education, training and employment.

Prisons fail horribly at providing ‘Real Time’ life skills services to offenders primarily because their staffs reside in the towns where the institutions are located and have no clue, nor appreciation of the quality of life, nor how to survive in the metropolitan area where the majority of offenders will be released. Therefore, there is neither interest nor appreciation for this form of training and for centuries this has been where rehabilitation has been ignored and fallen short.

Did you know that recidivism rates of prisoners involved in job, vocational and educational training during their stint in jail are generally 20-60 percent lower than those of prisoners released without the additional training.

This course was created after 16 years of ‘direct’ hands-on experience and research; proven to be effective.

Key Topics:
• I’m out. Now what do I do?
• Clearly understanding your release papers
• The dangerous game of playing catch up
• The embarrassing act of applying for welfare- or is it?
• Separating needs from wants
• Changing people, places and things
• Changing my attitude
• Building a relationship with my Parole Officer
• Steps to staying out
• Intern? Man, I ain’t working nowhere for FREE!
• Minimum wage- I can’t work for minimum wage!
• What are you REALLY doing with your life?
• Success After Prison ‘By any means necessary’; even if I have to cut my some of MY FAMILY MEMBERS OFF!
• The difference between ‘Work, A Job and A Career’. You can NOT accomplish one without the other
• Small Steps, Big Results
• The Art of Appreciation
• The Art of Consequential Thinking
• The System: The very day that you understand, accept and respect the fact that you can NOT beat it… that very

day will be the first day of (the rest of) your life on the outside.

Who Will Benefit From Completing This Course
Anyone that has recently been released from confinement. We have discovered (based on customers survey and quality of life measurements for our graduates after one year) that the components within this course specifically identifies and addresses specific needs of the formerly incarcerated- as illustrated by them, as well as offering ‘Real Time’ alternatives for ‘their’ challenging situations.

Reentry Group and Support Services available every Monday night at 2821 Fredrick Douglas Blvd. @ 150 Street.

Contact: Mr Robert De Witt,
Coordinator of GRAAFICS Reentry Services

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The Gang Diversion, Reentry, And Absent Fathers, Intervention, Centers (also known as: GRAAFICS) attempts to address its participant’s barriers by providing ‘Real-Time’ alternatives when GRAAFICS members are at the most vulnerable stages of their young adult lives. The program maintains a core curriculum that employs direct social-emotional educational group work techniques.