This Week at SHOJ

October 2, 2020

From Mrs. Rhodes

I love the month of October. It starts with one of my favorite saint’s feast days, St. Therese of the Child Jesus, then we have the feast of The Guardian Angels (today), the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is Oct. 7 – which we often celebrate the entire month – finally, the feast of St. John Paul II comes on the 22nd. It is also a month where we remember the dignity of all life (especially the unborn) and strive to bring awareness to finding a cure for cancer. Right after this month, we celebrate All Saints Day– which we are striving to be!

Now more than ever, we need to join together to work hard for our world to bring up saints. We have changed our afternoon prayer this month, with the elections approaching, to a prayer of Civility. As Catholic Christians we are called to bring hope by our joy and actions to the world. As you read this prayer, you will see that it challenges us in nine ways to be better to make the world better. We Are ONE and this will be a great place to start.

Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace: A Prayer for Civility

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where uncivil words prevail, show me how to model love. Help me remember the God-given dignity of all and invite others to do the same. Show me how to build bridges and not walls and see first what unites us rather than how we diverge. Let me seek to understand before asking to be understood. Give me a listening heart filled with empathy and compassion. May I be clear in sharing my own position and respectful and civil in describing those of others. Let me never tolerate hateful ideas. May I invite all to charity and love. Lord, help me to imitate your compassion and mercy. Make me an instrument of your peace. Amen.

Inspired by Nine Rules for Civility from the Catholic Tradition, Bishop Zubik, found on