Noticing Zero

A Description of Zero

The characters appearance

Zero is a character in the novel "Holes." He is short, has dark, curly hair, a wide mouth, and is also African American.

The characters actions

Zero says he likes to dig "holes", he dose not now how to read or write,barly talks,Mr.Pendancekey and Mr.Sir are always macking fun of Zero becase they say he has nothing going on in his head,Zero is always hanging out with Stanley,Mr.Pendancekey and(pg48) X-Ray always call him Zero

What the character says

Zero dose not talk that mouch,He says he likes to dig lots of holes and that he is the fasest diger in the Camp Green Lake(pg58).When Staley foud the tube that had a heart<3 with a K and B Zero was the only one who dident get up to see the tube(pg61)

What outhers say about the character

The outher characters say Zero is dube,that he has nothibng in his head,they also tell him he is never going to lrean to read or write or speak