A Midsummer Nights Dream

Act 3 Scene 2, Lines 345-405

Summary of Our Scene

In our scene Oberon is just figuring out that Puck put the juice on the wrong mans eyes. So Oberon has a heated discussion with Puck and they both try to think of way to fix the mistake. As they devolep their plan further, Puck agrees to try again. So has Puck is trying to fix it he confuses and tricks Lysander and Demetruis thus making them mad and fighting with each other.

Most Important Quote

"Then crush this herb into Lysander's eye" (Put the flowers juice in Lysander's eye)

This quote is important because it is the main point of the entire scene.

Character Analysis of Demetrius

Demetrius is a man who loves Hermia and he is planned to marry her but she does not love him back.

Demetrius is significant because in this scene he shows how Puck's action of mimicking Lysander voice is confusing everyone. Demetrius also shows that he is willing to fight and taunt Lysander to get Hermia.

Demetrius, though lacking many lines, is trying to see through the fog that has occured and find Lysander, who was calling for him. (*It was actually Puck calling for him*)

Demetrius character trait of loyalty his causing him to pursue looking for Lysander because he doesnt want to believe he has truley lost Hermia.

Character Analysis of Puck

Puck is a fairy under Oberons rule. Puck mistakes Lysander as Demetrius and makes Lysander fall in love with Helna. After the discord he caused, Oberon ordered Puck to fix his mistake. Puck would follow his king of the edge of the Earth but he really likes the conflict he started and its almost morning (he hates sunlight). Pucks loyalty is on the line but he will follow his kings orders so he has to fix his mistake.

Character Analysis of Oberon

Oberon is the Fairy King. He is considered significant in this scene because he gives orders to Puck, another fairy, to fix his mistake of putting the charm of love under Lysander, which was meant for Demetrius. This creates the new conflict of the story: undoing the spell on Lysander. Without Oberon's influence, the conflict would not have met a resolution. The leading character trait that drives Oberon in this scene is discipline. It is because of his discipline that he directed Puck and impacted Puck's attitude enough for him, Puck, to actually do anything about this situation. If Oberon had not been so disciplined, Lysander would forever be in love with Helena in an unending love web of despair. Hermia, Helena, Lysander, and Demetrius would all be lost.

Character Analysis of Lysander

Lysander character is in love with Hermia but his love is forbidden by the Duke.

Lysander is significant because Oberon and Puck are talking about how to fix Demetrius and Lysanders problem so without Lysander the scene woud not exist. In the scene Lysander has just awoken with the juice upon his eyes and Oberon can now see that Puck has made a mistake.

The conflict Lysander faces is that both Demetrius an dhim love Helena even though Lysander was supposed to loe hermi, so now they are fighting over Helena.

The character trait that affected the conflict is that Lysander was persistent throughout the scene and would not give up on getting Helena's love so therefore causeing the conflict between lysander and Demetrius.

By: Gracie Darter, Kennedy House, Grace Gough and Gilbert Dull