19th Century Reformation

Transforming America one step at a time

Mental Health/Prison Reform

  • There was originally combined prisons for prisoners and the mentally ill
  • The greatest reformer was Dorothea Dix
  • Wanted to separate prisoners and the mentally ill
  • Approximately 100 health facilities were made by her death


  • Movement to reduce alcohol use in America
  • Led by mostly women
  • Many states outlawed alcohol by mid 1800s

Educational Reform

  • Originally no attendance requirement (excludes MA, VT), no grade levels
  • Horace Mann established teacher training programs and improved curriculum, created grade levels

Women's Rights

  • In the 1800s, women wanted to become more educated, wanted to vote, wanted to be equal with men
  • The Seneca Falls Convention was a major event in this movement
  • Oberlin College was the first coed institution in 1833


  • Movement to free African-Americans from slavery in the 1820s
  • Most Famous leaders were William Lloyd Garrison and Fredrick Douglass
  • William Lloyd Garrison created The Liberator, an anti-slavery newspaper
  • Fredrick Douglass, a freed slave, created The Northstar, another newspaper