You really want to!

Read-a-thon helps!

We are doing a read-a-thon to raise money for the east coast where hurricane Sandy blew it's path threw. As many of us know, hurricane sandy destroyed libraires. Librairies are very important because they serve the community for those who do not have access to books. Hurricane sandy destroyed many libraires and kids are scared, sad, and really depressed. If you want to do this Read-a-thon listen to these instructions. Students will collect pledges for a number of books read over a 4 week period; students may set a personal goal, if they choose, or just read as much as they can. students will collect pledges for 1 week starting January 9th, read for 4 weeks starting January 17th. Students are to turn in only money collected by march 1st.

do not turn ion the logs, logs are provided.

Let's help people in New york!


Logs & dates

Middle school dates

  • January 9th-16th: collect pledges
  • January 17th- Febuary 19th: read and write titles on log
  • Febuary 20th-28th: Collect money earned
  • March 1st: Turn in money MS library

Elementry dates

Dec 20-Jan 6: Collect pledges

Jan 1-27: Read and track progess on reading log

Jan 27-Feb 1:Collect money earned

Feb 1:Turn in money ES or MS library