PG209 Advertising Company

Ms. Marcus, CEO

Dear Junior Ad Executives,

This is a very exciting time for our company. Recently, the governors for all of the American colonies have announced that they are seeking to increase the number of citizens emigrating from England. In order to get the most people to live in their colonies, they are looking for fresh ad campaigns that help sell people on moving in to the different colonies. Our company has been contracted to design ad campaigns for the colonies.

Your team’s challenge is to create an advertising campaign.

Your clients are looking for ads that highlight their strengths in the following categories:


You will be working with a three-person team for your assigned client. As you think about the tasks ahead of you, please make sure that your team plans together with a common goal in mind. Throughout the entire process, be sure to document the steps your team takes to create your final product. You will be expected to share these steps as a part of your presentation, focusing on major decisions, accomplishments, and challenges for your team.

After presentations are done, individual team members will be asked to reflect on the process and will be asked for specific examples when another team member helped them.

Think About...


Before you begin designing your campaign, you will need to spend several days researching information on your colony. You may use the print and digital resources available at the Pine Glen LTC.

eBook Resources
username: pineglen
password: pineglen

Think about...

Legal Considerations

You will also need to present a list of sources and images used in your ads so that our legal team can secure the rights for them.

The offices of PG209 Advertising Company prefers to use EasyBib to generate citations for both resources and images.

Google Drive (which links to EasyBib)

Use the video tutorials below to help you learn to use EasyBib.

Think About...

Ad Creation

Your clients would like either a commercial up to 90 seconds long, or a print advertising campaign up to 3 pages long, that highlights the most persuasive information your team discovered during your research.

When looking for images, be sure to use the Legal Department Approved image search. Cite your images in your bibliography.

Think about...


Your team and your CEO, Legal Expert, and Technician (Ms. Marcus, Mrs. D'Elia, and Mr. Callahan) will use this assessment chart to determine your level of success with this challenge.

Colonies Assessment PDF


Thursday, June 6th, 10:15am

1 Pine Glen Way

Burlington, MA

Be prepared to share your ads with your clients at this time!