Mrs. Farmer's ELA/Reading Classroom

Be a Trailblazer. Be a Writer.

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Thank you for having such wonderful children!

Your children have helped me in so many ways! They have worked so hard this year, and created the ground work for the upcoming sixth graders by serving as examples in all of their writing and technology skills. I created a new website full of pictures and writing examples from this group of sixth graders (now seventh graders). Please take a took at all they have accomplished. Have a wonderful summer! It was truly a pleasure to teach your child!
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Mrs. Farmer's Weekly News: Monday, May 23rd- Friday, May 27th

Wow! What a great year we had together! The countdown is on, and our students are ready for 7th grade!


Common Core Standards Covered This Week:

CCSS.RL.7.5: Analyze how a drama' s or poem's form or structure contributes to its meaning.

Monday: Review for Final. Put together all writings from the year in a digital writing folder and send to parents.

Tuesday: Final exam. Finalize all grades and finish digital writing folders.

Wednesday: Prep for poetry cafe. Mini lesson on how to present poetry effectively. Practice.

Thursday: Poetry Cafe. Students will participate in a poetry cafe and share their favorite original poem from this year.

Friday: Team activities.

"Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day"

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