The great Gandhi

Gandhi was a great man...


Gandhi was born in Porbander on October second, 1869. His full name is Mohandas Karmandchand Gandhi. He was married ate 13, wow! He was born a Hindu When Gandhi was ate age 18 he went to a university college to become a barrister-lawyer.
Gandhi started a satyarana, use of non-violence protest against appresion . Gandhi was against violence. Even Martin Luther was inspired by Gandhi. Gandhi's occupation was a religious leader, he was
Can you believe Gandhi was sent to jail 3 times? Well its true, on March 10, 1922 he arrested near Sabarmati Ashram fir writing three articles in young India and was sentenced 6 years in prison.
In the world war 2, Gandhi started the Indian quit movement . On August 15, 1947 India became an indapendant country. Then on January 30, 1948 Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu.
Gandhi has had some good times and some bad times . He is known for lots of great things he has did. We will always remember the great Gandhi!!