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July 2018 ~ Chloe+Isabel by Freya

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What's a pop-up?

Chloe+Isabel jewelry is exclusively available through merchandisers and we showcase our jewelry in events we call "pop-ups". A pop-up is simply a gathering of friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc in a pressure-free and casual setting.

There are many types of pop-ups.. they can be done either online or in-person. This flyer covers the following topics:
  • Different types of pop-ups
  • Hostess Incentives
  • Frequenty Asked Questions
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Types of Pop-ups

In-home party - This is the more traditional pop-up where you host at your own home. I will put together a jewelry display, hold a raffle for free stuff, and give a 3 minute presentation about our company and jewelry. I not only talk about our best-selling and convertible pieces, but we can do styling sessions and I can help guests pick out perfect gifts for loved ones.

(Note: We can make it as simple or as elaborate a shindig as you want.. it is totally up to you! If you want to go the elaborate route, I can also suggest a few themes and help with the menu if you'd like.. these are all things I love doing and I want to make it as stress-free as possible for my hostesses.)

Portable pop-up - If you're all about quick and easy, this kind of pop-up can be done in an hour if time is tight. We can gather at a coffee shop, restaurant, cafe, wine bar, etc. I don't have to set up a big table display and you don't need to worry about cooking and cleanup. I will bring lookbooks and bring the jewelry in portable cases that guests can pass around.

Online pop-up - This is where you would invite your friends to a Facebook group where I would post info about Chloe+Isabel and the jewelry. I can provide you with some lookbooks that guests can browse, and they can also look through my online boutique at their leisure. My online pop-ups typically run for 3 to 5 days and I would be posting a few times a day and also offer points challenges where guests can win prizes.

(Note: While this sounds like the simplest option, you might want to consider an online pop-up for your 2nd or 3rd pop-up after your guests have already seen the jewelry in person.)

Lookbook pop-up - This is another alternative if you can't host an in-home or portable pop-up and have guests that might not be on Facebook. I would send you packs of our lookbooks and some order forms, and you would share the lookbooks with your friends, family and co-workers and gather up the order forms to send to me.

Fundraiser I'd love to be able to help non-profits and those who have a good cause! I would work with my contact on determining which type of pop-up from the above list is the best fit for them and then donate a percentage of all sales to the cause. I try to hold a fundraiser every other month so please let me know if you have a charity in mind!

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This graphic sums up the wonderful perks of hosting a Chloe+Isabel pop-up:

  • $50 in jewelry credit for every $200 in sales +
  • FREE BONUS jewelry and/or c+i products (this incentive changes every month) at $1k in sales

PLUS, I'm throwing in my own additional hostess perks:

1) Referral bonuses

For past hostesses... if you refer me to a bride and I end up styling her and/or her bridal party, I will give you a $50 credit!

2) Access to VIP only sample sales

During my twice a year VIP-exclusive sample sale, you will get an invite to shop my sample pieces up to 70% off!

3) Access to special VIP only promos

Note: These perks are incentives that are only available if you host a pop-up through me.

Hostess Bonus Incentive

The hostess bonus incentive changes every month. This is what you receive if your pop-up reaches $1k in sales ON TOP of the jewelry credits and other perks you earn. I will do my best help you reach this goal.. all I need from you is some help with following up with your guests, and of course your enthusiasm :)

For the month of July 2018, you have the chance to earn our La Plage Statement Necklace.

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Ready to host?

Now that you know all there is to know about pop-ups.. here's the next step:

Contact me to book a date - the sooner the better, since my available dates fill up quickly! We also want to give your guests advance notice so they can save the date on their calendars.

I can help you decide on what type of pop-up works best for you. Once we have the date, time and venue sorted out then I will set up your invites and answer any other questions you might have!

Looking forward to hearing from you!! :)

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Hostess FAQs

Q: How many people do I need to invite?
A: I don't recommend inviting your entire Facebook friend list. I suggest inviting as many people in your network who you think might be interested in our jewelry or products, not necessarily just for themselves but also for gift giving. On average we recommend extending the invite to about 30-50 people, since about only a third is likely to attend.

Q: What if I have guests who can't attend but want to place an order? (for in person popups)

A: They can absolutely place an online order or better yet, have them contact me so I can help them place the order. I will be giving you your own special link to share with guests so that orders get credited to your pop-up. You should also extend the invite to out-of-town friends and family for this very reason!

Q: Can I place an order against my own pop-up to help the total sales?

A: Yes you can! Please let me know and I'll help you place that order.

Q: How long does it take for my guests to get their orders?

A: On average they should get their order within 5-7 business days of placing the order.

Q: Are the orders shipped to me?

A: No, all orders will be shipped to the customer's shipping address. So you don't need to worry about having to deliver orders to the guests.

Q: Do I have to serve food? (for in home pop-ups)

A: This is totally up to you.. although it is recommended to have some refreshments for your guests (maybe a couple appetizers or desserts plus some drinks). Oh and it's highly recommended to set up the food near the jewelry!

Q: I'd like to host a pop-up but I live far away.. are you willing to travel?

A: I have done pop-ups all over the greater Sacramento and El Dorado counties and in the Bay Area. So yes, I am willing to travel. I've never had to hop on a plane for a pop-up, but contact me and if it's something that works within my schedule and budget, I just might be able to work something out. If all else fails we can always do an online pop-up!

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